In episode 9 of the Email Never Sleeps podcast titled “Career Growth in Email Marketing: Advice for Aspiring Professionals,” Andrew Kordek and Eric Kriegermeier engage in an insightful discussion about their journey in the email industry. Eric, the Director of Solutions Engineering at Shaw/Scott, shared his experience and valuable advice for those looking to thrive in the field. This blog post delves into their conversation, highlighting key takeaways and shedding light on career growth in the email marketing industry.

Getting Started and Staying Motivated:

Andrew started the discussion by asking Eric about his background and how he entered the email marketing industry. Eric shared that his journey began with opening a gym in Atlanta in 2007. While managing the gym, he developed his digital marketing skills, including email marketing and lead generation. Later, he transitioned from being a graphic designer to an HTML developer, eventually leading him to focus on email marketing.

Eric emphasized the importance of continuously seeking growth and learning. He acknowledged that his path in the industry was not linear but rather a winding trail, transitioning from agency work to in-house marketing teams. Eric’s motivation lies in his passion for building teams and empowering them to excel.

Career Advice for Aspiring Professionals:

When asked about advice for those aspiring to grow their careers in email marketing, Eric shared two distinct paths one could pursue: becoming a marketing technologist or a thought leader/team builder. The first path involves delving into the technical aspects of platforms, mastering server-side JavaScript, and becoming an expert in specific tools and technologies. The second path focuses on thought leadership, team building, and empowering colleagues to succeed.

Eric stressed the significance of asking for more opportunities and continuously learning. He attributed his success to always wanting to know more and embracing the mentality of being a work in progress. He acknowledged the presence of imposter syndrome and the need to prove oneself, which drives him to expand his knowledge and skills.

Remote Work in the Email Industry:

Andrew and Eric discussed the ongoing debate surrounding remote work in the email marketing industry. While many companies are considering bringing employees back to the office, Eric highlighted the advantages of remote work. As a remote company with team members spread across different locations, Shaw Scott thrives on the flexibility and increased productivity of remote work. Eric noted that remote employees often put in extra hours, resulting in a better work-life balance and enhanced overall team happiness.

Eric acknowledged that certain roles, such as graphic design, might benefit from in-person collaboration. However, for many email marketing positions, physical proximity is not essential. Remote work allows for deep focus and uninterrupted productivity, leading to exceptional outcomes.

Career Growth in the Email Marketing Industry

The conversation between Andrew Kordek and Eric Kriegermeier provided valuable insights into career growth in the email marketing industry. Eric’s personal journey from graphic design to becoming a director of solutions engineering showcased the diverse paths one can take in this field. His advice to aspiring professionals emphasized the importance of continuous learning, embracing a growth mindset, and seeking opportunities to expand one’s skills.

Additionally, the discussion shed light on the advantages of remote work in the email industry. While some roles might require in-person collaboration, remote work’s flexibility and increased productivity make it an appealing option for many email marketing professionals.

As the email marketing industry evolves, professionals like Eric Kriegermeier inspire us to remain adaptable, curious, and always ready to learn. By embracing the ever-changing email marketing landscape and nurturing a growth mindset, aspiring professionals can carve their path to success in this dynamic industry.

Email Never Sleeps  Season 2 Episode 9 with Eric Kriegermeier

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