This video serves as an urgent wake-up call for casino marketers and technologists.

Andrew Kordek from iPost recently attended a specialized conference focused on Casino Marketers and Technologists.

He was fortunate enough to share insights from his team’s recent research. The findings are somewhat unsettling, especially if you’re in the casino, sports betting, or general gambling industry.

 The Startling Discovery iPost’s marketing team has uncovered a list of about 36 Email Service Providers (ESPs) whose acceptable use policies specifically forbid companies engaged in gambling activities from using their platforms.

See the full list here:

This might not sound like big news, but here’s the kicker: many ESPs categorize casinos and gambling companies alongside high-risk industries like escort services, multi-level marketing, and even prostitution!! 

Why Should You Care? If your company relies on email marketing or SMS to nurture guests and loyal patrons or to run promotions, you may be at risk of losing your platform support without warning. We’ve already heard of cases where clients have been unceremoniously kicked off platforms, costing them money and time. This is a serious concern, especially since casinos are not just about gambling; they also contribute to the hospitality and tourism sectors.

What to Do Next? We urge you to check whether your current vendors fall under this list. It might sound alarmist, but knowing where you stand is crucial. We aren’t fearmongers; we’re watchdogs looking out for potential pitfalls in the industry. If you find your ESP on this list, I strongly suggest considering alternative platforms that align better with your business needs both now and in the future.

We Stand by You At iPost, we believe all gaming, casino, and sports betting operators should have a secure and reliable email and SMS marketing platform. We not only support but also welcome businesses from these sectors. Don’t compromise on a service that doesn’t respect or understand the nuances of your industry.

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