In episode 5 of the Email Never Sleeps podcast, Andrew Kordek, from iPost, interviews David Slavick Co-founder & Partner of Ascendant Loyalty, about loyalty programs and the importance of effective communication with customers.

Email Never Sleeps  Season 2 Episode 5 with David Slavick

Slavick explains that his company offers end-to-end customer relationship marketing loyalty services that involve designing and implementing loyalty programs, sourcing technology, and setting up clients with a foundation in loyalty.

He mentions that many companies undervalue their loyalty programs and treat them as a background add-on rather than unlocking the key to customer value. Slavick shares an example of how fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Taco Bell began prioritizing their loyalty programs after the pandemic hit and their traffic decreased. Both also emphasize the importance of loyalty programs and how they can increase customer retention and drive revenue growth.

Episode 5 Host:

Andrew Kordek

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About our guest David Slavick

Co-founder & Partner at Ascendant Loyalty, David’s team of experts serves the needs of customer-centric global clients in Retail, Specialty Retail, Casino, Hospitality, Cruise Lines, and Pure Play E-Commerce sectors. David is a multi-channel retail marketing expert leveraging data insight to drive brand right communications, loyalty program design/strategy/operating models, strategic planning, partnership development, and advanced analytics to drive sustained profitable business results for valued clients.

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