This is episode 14 of Email Never Sleeps, the email marketing podcast. Watch this video to learn about email marketing sending frequency best practices and advice for 2023.

This email-related video should help you fundamentally understand that as a marketer, you must spend some time to truly understand your customers.

What is Email Never Sleeps?

Email Never Sleeps is a vidcast/podcast to discuss real pragmatic email marketing strategy and allow the listener to gain valuable insight.

Episode Topic: Email Frequency Best Practices For 2023

In this video, our guest Dave Rodenbaugh of Founder of Recapture discusses with Andrew Kordek some of their ideologies for successful email marketing.

This video is helpful if you are looking for advice on any of the following: email marketing, how to send an email, when to send email, email sending, email personalization, email marketing 2023, and email marketing tips.

Episode 14 Guest:

Dave Rodenbaugh of Founder of Recapture

Dave Rodenbaugh

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Episode 14 Host:

Andrew Kordek

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