If you’re new to email marketing or struggling to find a job you love in email marketing, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll delve into an exciting episode of Email Never Sleeps featuring Tony Zupancic, a Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer with over six years of experience in the email marketing industry. 

Tony’s journey from being a photographer and graphic designer to becoming an email marketing automation and software development expert is truly inspiring. Join us as we explore Tony’s career trajectory and the valuable insights he shares for aspiring marketing technologists and technical marketers.

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Transitioning from Graphic Design to Email Marketing:

Tony’s career started in photography and graphic design, but he soon discovered his passion for digital marketing. By chance, he stumbled upon email marketing and took on a role despite having no prior knowledge of HTML or email templates. 

Through self-learning and active participation in communities like Email Geeks, Tony quickly immersed himself in the world of email marketing and honed his skills.

The Power of Community Learning and Networking:

One key factor contributing to Tony’s rapid career progression was his involvement in the email marketing community. He actively engaged with platforms like Email Geeks, Twitter, and LinkedIn, where he sought guidance from experienced professionals and shared his knowledge with newcomers.

Tony emphasizes the importance of leveraging these communities to solve problems, gain industry insights, and expand your network.

Mastering the Scripting Language of Email Service Providers (ESPs):

For graphic designers or interactive designers looking to specialize in email design and coding, Tony recommends starting by mastering the scripting language of the ESP they are working with. Whether it’s AMPscript, server-side JavaScript, or other APIs, understanding and becoming proficient in the ESP’s scripting language is essential for building effective email campaigns.

This expertise allows marketers to bridge the gap between strategy and technical implementation.

Becoming a Marketing Technologist:

Tony identifies himself as a marketing technologist, a role that combines a deep understanding of email marketing strategies with technical expertise. This type of professional excels in translating business requirements into technical requirements, envisioning solutions, and building them using the appropriate platforms.

To thrive as a marketing technologist, one must possess a strategic and analytical mindset, focusing on finding efficiencies and automating repetitive tasks.

Strategic Thinking and Automating Email Marketing:

Tony’s success lies in his strategic approach to email marketing. He continuously evaluates processes and workflows to identify areas that can be automated or made more efficient. By automating repetitive tasks, marketers can save time and focus on strategic initiatives. Tony encourages aspiring email marketers to adopt this mindset and proactively seek ways to improve existing workflows.

Career Growth and Advice:

To achieve a rewarding career in email marketing, Tony advises professionals to participate in communities actively, seek guidance from industry experts, and give back by helping newcomers. He emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, staying updated with industry trends, and seizing opportunities to expand skills and knowledge.

Tony’s journey is a testament to the power of networking, community learning, and a growth-oriented mindset.


Tony Zupancic’s career journey from a photographer and graphic designer to a Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer showcases the immense potential and opportunities available in the email marketing industry. 

By embracing strategic thinking, automation, and community learning, professionals can carve out rewarding careers as marketing technologists or technical marketers. It’s time to tap into the wealth of knowledge and guidance the email marketing community offers and take your career to new heights.

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