Dumb Lamb in front of chalkboard funny for mail privacy protection

There has undoubtedly been a lot of hullabaloo around Mail Privacy Protection affecting email over the last few weeks. Apple iPhone users on apple devices can now surpass tracking pixels and online activity. The industry itself has all agreed that people should not panic and that email will continue to thrive and innovate due to this change from Apple.

That being said, we at iPost all love a good laugh, so we decided to come up with four dumb ways your brand can deal with Mail Privacy Protection going forward.

(Please note that we are not condoning or endorsing these practices in any way as this post is meant for entertainment purposes only)

Dad Says

So without further ado, buckle up and chuckle:

Read Receipts 

Remember that good ol’ technology that some of us still use? Well, we think every ESP should develop a read receipt technology where we ask ALL of the subscribers to acknowledge that they have read the email to create this new metric we like to call “Open Rate Guarantee.”

Mail Privacy Protection Disable

When Gmail enabled the Primary and Promotional folders, brands went nuts with campaigns and pre-headers instructing users to drag emails in the primary folder.  In that same vein, a great/dumb way to deal with MPP is for brands to send out campaigns and copy instructing each user on how to disable MPP with the hopes of going back to the good ol’ open days.

Confirmed Opt-In Pledge

We all have heard of COI for permission, but we think that a confirmed opt-in pledge not to enable MPP should be done at the point of sign-up. Hold your subscriber accountable so that open rates live on!

The Mail Privacy Protection Edition

Who needs an invisible tracking pixel on an email campaign anyway? Send your known MPP subscribers emails with only a link in it (The Mail Privacy Protection Edition) and make them click to see your offer or creative. Host the email on your site and create a new open rate called “Site Open.”

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