SAN MATEO, CALIF., November 21, 2019

iPost, an enterprise email marketing and automation provider, today announced a technology integration with leading cloud commerce provider Magento, an Adobe company. iPost users can now connect all rich customer data stored in Magento with the iPost platform to send hyper-personalized messages and omnichannel campaigns for enhanced customer journeys.

Magento’s automated transactional emails can now be fully customized and sent through the iPost platform. The integration also enables retailers to fully utilize all data from Magento customers, orders, emails, and forms into iPost lists and data tables. Magento data can now be applied to iPost’s journey automation engine that automatically adjusts customer journeys based on their behavioral and transactional interactions. This feature makes it easy for retailers to take full advantage of iPost’s conversion tracking components such as funneling for optimized campaign targeting or recovering sales with cart abandonment automation messages.

“The iPost platform was built by marketers to provide email and automation technology that is easy to use and truly allows marketers to optimize data use,” said Cameron Kane, CEO of iPost. “Giving our retail and ecommerce customers the ability to connect the Magento and iPost platforms will help them take customer engagement to the next level with fully data-driven email messaging.”

The full native integration includes both Magento 1 and Magento 2, offering all Magento users the ability to seamlessly connect customer data with the iPost platform. Retailers have the option of integrating Magento and iPost through Magento Extensions or Modules to give developers tools they can use to optimize and customize the integration.

About iPost
iPost is an enterprise omnichannel marketing automation platform that helps enterprise marketers build integrated, highly personalized, real-time messaging experiences cross any digital and offline channel. Featuring clients across retail, entertainment, gaming, travel, restaurant, and publishing industries, iPost has amassed hundreds of clients that are sending massive volumes of highly personalized email every month through the platform.