iPost Launches New Website

“iPost’s new layout is about answering the questions surrounding purchasing an email marketing system and helping you make an informed decision.”

SAN MATEO, CA, UNITED STATES, March 16, 2022 — iPost, the enterprise email marketing, and automation provider, today announced the launch of its new website www.iPost.com providing potential clients with demos for email marketing and automation, as well as providing several programs for casinos, franchises, associations, and other niche industries.

The selection process of finding an email marketing software that fits your business can typically take weeks or months. Plus, more often than not, businesses aren’t made aware of the total costs involved in developing a complex scalable email marketing system. At iPost.com, businesses can now easily navigate “Solutions” which will quickly guide them through finding the email marketing software they need, then easily book a live demo and get an estimated cost based on total email sends or complexity of needs on a case by case basis. As a bonus, iPost does not charge per email contact as many other ESPs do.

“iPost’s new web layout is really about answering the questions surrounding purchasing an email marketing system and helping the website visitor to make an informed decision,” said iPost’s Associate Director of Marketing, Shaun Chojnacki. “We are extremely passionate about the user experience. Complicated web pages, surprise pop-ups, and broken landing pages are too common in today’s business landscape. With iPost, we provide a web experience that encourages the user to easily retrieve the information they are searching for, instant access to downloadable content, and the ability to quickly book a free platform demo.”

iPost also sets itself apart by providing complete and honest pricing. The pricing offered for iPost’s proprietary email marketing tools is provided only after a complete product demo and one on one strategy/goals meeting. Once iPost’s sales team fully discovers and understands your needs as a business, then they will transparently provide an RFP. This business model revolutionizes the relationship companies have with their Email Service Provider and provides a greater sense of working with a truly trusted partner.

About iPost

iPost for email marketing and messaging features clients across the casinos & gaming, franchise industry, retail, entertainment, travel, restaurant, and publishing industries. iPost has amassed hundreds of clients that are sending massive volumes of highly personalized emails every month through the platform.

To see iPost’s new website or to book a free no-obligation demo, go to iPost.com.