This is episode 09 of Email Never Sleeps, the email marketing podcast. Watch this video to learn about loyalty emails and which types of loyalty email actually can work for your business. This podcast discusses Loyalty Emails that actually work.

Andrew, Garin, and Joyce have been working in email marketing for many years. This Loyalty Email video should help you gain email marketing loyalty best practices and give you advice for improving your loyalty email marketing for August 2022 and beyond.

What is Email Never Sleeps?

Email Never Sleeps is a vidcast/podcast to discuss real pragmatic email marketing strategy and allow the listener to gain valuable insight. In episode 9 of Email Never Sleeps, Andrew, Garin, and Joyce do their best to guide you along with email marketing best practices and advice for keeping your email list clean.

Episode Topic: Loyalty Emails that actually work

In this video, our guests (1) Garin Hobbs, SVP of Customer Success & Strategy – Zembula and (2) Joyce Sebastian Sales Director – Zembula, are discussing with Andrew Kordek some of their strategies and ways to be successful with loyalty email marketing.

Whether you are a small independent business or even a global brand, you will find this video just as informative and you learn why you should always prioritize loyalty in your email messaging.

This video is useful if you are looking for advice on any of the following: loyalty email, loyalty program, loyalty email program, customer loyalty email, loyalty email examples, loyalty program emails, loyalty email marketing, and more.

Episode 9 Guests:

Garin Hobbs, SVP of Customer Success & Strategy – Zembula

Garin Hobbs

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Joyce Sebastian

Joyce Sebastian Sales Director – Zembula


Episode 9 Host:

Andrew Kordek

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