I Love Email Customer License Plate Illinois

I am not afraid to admit it, I love email marketing. I love email so much that the picture of the license plate above is mine. I have spent the last 20 years of my career in email marketing, making email fun for brands that I have worked with and for.

The Fun – Highest Grossing Groupon Email 

“It was August 19th, 2010, at 4:30 am when I arrived at the Groupon offices on the Near North Side of Chicago that I knew something big was going to happen.  

That day was when Groupon offered the $25 for $50 for the Gap, and the email sends were set to start at around 5:00 am local for the East Coast. I was the guy running the email program at Groupon, and I had to watch the sends throttle and ensure that we were not getting into any potential deliverability issues throughout the day. There was a digital dashboard set up in the room to watch the number of Groupons that were sold, and the mood was electric. At one point, the site crashed, and we used a failover site to capture the email addresses to send them out a “site is back up email,” and during the seven or so minutes we were down, we managed to capture roughly 75,000 email addresses.

Over 440,000 Groupon’s were sold that day. The “site’s up” email had over a 90% click-thru-rate, the deliverability was nearly perfect, and the company grossed over $11 Million on that one offer which made it the single biggest Groupon to that day. That day and the many days I spent at Groupon, Sears, Quest, and Trendline made email marketing fun as hell.

The Story – Cameron Kane, our CEO Gave Me A Ping

Fast forward to 2020 – in June of this year, I “retired” from the agency I co-founded to spend time with family and myself to figure out what is next for me. I started a blog, went on a road trip, took lots of walks, and did a lot of house projects, which made me realize that stepping away for a bit was the best thing I could have done. The one big thing I did figure out is that I am an email marketing nerd and proud of it. I knew that it was not time for me to leave the industry that I love, and then I got a ping from Cameron Kane, our CEO.

Today, I’m joining iPost as the V.P. of Customer Engagement and I cannot be any more excited to help current and future clients maximize their investment as well as bring my experience and knowledge to help grow programs.

I have sat in the brand seat, the agency seat, and I now begin my new position in the ESP seat.

Let’s make email fun together.

Buckle Up.