Welcome to another episode of “Email Never Sleeps,” hosted by Andrew Kordek of iPost.

In Season 3, Episode 3, we had the pleasure of hosting Monica Badiu, an esteemed email marketing copywriter and coach, from Bucharest. This episode, titled “Maximizing Engagement,” delves into the crucial world of email list cleanup and the art of maintaining a responsive and healthy subscriber base.

Monica Badiu: A Passionate Voice in Email Marketing

Monica brings over a dozen years of diverse marketing experience, with a deep love for email marketing. Her journey through various marketing facets, from AdWords to social media, has led her to specialize in the unique and challenging world of email copywriting. At iPost, we were intrigued by her comprehensive approach and ability to infuse creativity into the technical aspects of email marketing.

The Art of Email List Cleanup

The focal point of our discussion was the importance of regular email list hygiene. Monica emphasized that an inflated list of subscribers is not just misleading but counterproductive. She passionately advocated for the ‘ruthless’ cleanup of email lists, ensuring marketers communicate with genuinely interested and engaged subscribers.

Why List Hygiene Matters

Monica shared firsthand experiences where even the most compelling copy fell flat due to an unengaged audience. She likened a neglected email list to a poorly maintained vehicle: no matter how well you plan your journey, an uncared-for car won’t get you far. This analogy perfectly encapsulates the essence of email list hygiene.

Advice for Marketers

One of the key takeaways from Monica’s insights was the need for regular check-ups of the email list. She suggests a bi-annual cleanup as a good practice. It’s not just about boasting a massive list; it’s about nurturing a list that adds real value to your marketing efforts.

Andrew Kordek’s Perspective

As the host and an experienced marketer, Andrew emphasized the importance of this discussion reaching copywriters and content creators. He reinforced the idea that maintaining a healthy email list is fundamental for deliverability experts and everyone involved in the email marketing process.

Join the Conversation

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to enhance their email marketing strategy. Monica’s approachable yet expert advice provides a fresh perspective on a topic that, while often discussed, is rarely acted upon effectively.

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