In this video, Andrew Kordek, VP at iPost, hosts a session of Email Never Sleeps with Dmitry Kudrenko, the CEO and co-founder of Stripo, an email design platform. The topic of discussion in this video is the future of email creation.

Email Never Sleeps  Season 2 Episode 6 with Dmitry Kudrenko

Dimitri discusses the four stakeholders in email creation: email clients, email logic, editors, and marketers. The discussion then focuses on traditional email creation and how it has been slow to develop due to security and legacy issues. Dimitri’s goal is to improve the user experience for all stakeholders and discusses how changes in infrastructure and AI could impact the future of email creation.

They talk about skipping the stage of the designer and focusing on building guidelines, modules, rules, and patterns, which have already been tested. Also emphasized is the importance of a good creative brief to help with designing, coding, messaging, copywriting, and strategy.

They discuss the philosophy of agile programming and the value of individuals and interactions over processes and tools. The future of email creation centers around planning and using tools to help achieve this.

Episode 6 Host:

Andrew Kordek

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About our guest Dmitry Kudrenko

Dmitry Kudrenko is the CEO and co-founder of Stripo, an email design platform

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