Three Areas Of Messaging Focus

It is looking like for the remainder of 2020 and Q1 ’21, email volume will likely break all sorts of records due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19. Brands must be aware that they are not just competing with competitors, but almost every brand and other “emails” that subscribers receive. As such, brands should consider pivoting a bit in their email marketing campaign Email Messaging for Q4 and 2021.

Brands should Humanize, Harmonize, and Empathize in their Email Messaging.


When you send email, brands need to use copy and content that speak with their subscribers rather than to their subscribers. A humanized tone in email campaigns rather than the traditional marketing tone should pay dividends in every email (higher click-through rate). Email copywriting is a lost art, and it’s time for it to make a comeback.


If there were ever a time for brands to ensure that their messages are in harmony across their digital marketing channels, it is now. Fragmented messaging and competing channels all for the same customer are no longer acceptable. Eliminate the VS. environment if you have one.


Humans spot fake empathy quicker than you think. Your messaging should contain empathy, but be cautious about going overboard and looking like you are trying too hard. Testing the empathy levels inside your creative to find the right balance is crucial, especially to those subscribers who have not engaged with your brand in a while. Be genuine, but be unique.

Q4 and beyond will be a unicorn in email.

Brands MUST pivot and not rest on what has worked in the past in content marketing.

Be well.