Want More Email Opens? Realize the Value of Relevance

Think of the last time you didn’t look at emails for a day or so. When you did check, your inbox was probably filled with both opt-in messages as well as some junk email. Let’s focus on those emails you opted in to receive, the ones from brands you had explicitly given permission to send you content.

When you look at your inbox, the first thing you see is who sent the message and next is the subject line. Based on those two pieces of information, you make a split-second judgement as to the perceived value of the content of the email before you take any action like open or ignore.

Of course, you always open emails from your boss, your spouse and your mom, but to the others you apply the “value judgement” to decide whether or not to open them. Mentally you ask yourself, is the content of this email relevant to me at this time? You think for a second to recall the content they sent you last month, last week or yesterday. If you remember that the content was irrelevant then, you decide it is probably irrelevant today, so you delete it.

Now switch roles and think about this from the perspective of the email marketer: Do you see the importance of relevance in every email to get more email opens? Leveraging your event data coupled with your CRM data can help you to drive engagement by increasing that relevance for each and every subscriber.