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Skip is a pioneer in the email marketing space. He joined ExactTarget in 2002 and helped build the sales and channel team contributing to the overall success and IPO. He has tenure at a number of other successful ESPs and enjoys helping companies grow. A major component of his role of VP of Sales at iPost is to foster community at all touchpoints. He believes in the fundamentals of sales which is an ongoing understanding of the customers’ needs and goals and to help through planning, collaboration and execution. Skip shares his time between Dallas, TX & Portland, OR with his wife D’Anne. His hobbies include tending to a small backyard vineyard and enjoys making wine and travel.

2021 Gaming & Gambling Industry Conferences Recap Las Vegas

2021-11-18T13:54:32-07:00By |Tags: , |

I recently attended two industry-specific conferences, both in Las Vegas.  First was the Multi-unit Franchise Conference (MUFC) followed two weeks later at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E).  It was nice to get out and start seeing people face to face.  It’s funny that a franchise-related event and a casino/gaming event could have so much [...]

Marketing Cloud Alternatives: When You Want Features, Not Headaches

2021-10-27T09:58:11-06:00By |Tags: |

For all those marketers searching for marketing cloud alternatives, it’s a bit confusing, right? I mean, we’re talking about huge Fortune 100 companies that have been around for years and are so well-known that people make memes about using them. Yet marketers have experienced so many headaches that they are actively seeking out marketing [...]

The Best Email Subject Lines – Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

2021-05-27T10:06:21-06:00By |Tags: , |

The Best Email Subject Lines - Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes The best email subject lines are the ones that get your emails opened. The subject line is not the first thing your recipient looks at. That’s the From name. But after that, the subject line is going to get your subscriber [...]

Segment Your Audience Based on Behavioral Data

2021-10-28T14:35:05-06:00By |

As an email marketer, you’re probably segmenting your audiences, but are you segmenting based on online behavioral data? If not, you are missing out on lost revenue. And you’re spending more money than you need to with your enterprise ESP. Behavioral segmentation can help you improve opens and click through open rates (CTORs) as [...]

How to Be a Trusted Partner

2021-10-28T14:31:51-06:00By |

In business school, aspiring marketers are taught to focus on customer acquisition and customer retention, meaning loyalty. But without establishing trust, there is little chance of loyalty or repeat customers. Trust is the most overlooked—and possibly most important—factor when it comes to customer retention. Trust is not something to be gained from a single [...]

How to Win Back Lost Customers Using Email

2021-10-28T14:28:10-06:00By |

Building a solid subscriber list is hard. Keeping a subscriber engaged is even harder. No matter how hard we work to get people to sign up for our email lists, subscriber attrition and abandoned carts are an ongoing challenge for email marketers. Customers abandon email programs for a variety of reasons. They might experience [...]

Are You Stranded on the Gilligan’s Island of the Email Service Provider World?

2021-10-28T13:53:28-06:00By |

Being stuck under contract with an inadequate email service provider (ESP) can leave marketers feeling as helpless as the castaways stuck on Gilligan’s Island. Baby boomers (and some Gen Xers and older Millennials that caught reruns of Gilligan's Island on Nick at Nite) recall the recurring theme of the show with Gilligan and the [...]

Email First Impression is So Important – Don’t blow it!

2021-10-28T13:44:19-06:00By |

You don’t get a second chance to make the first impression a good impression. That’s why it’s so important for your email programs to start the customer relationship out on the right track. A welcome email series helps to begin building that relationship. When considering how to put together the strategy for a welcome [...]

Defining—and Engaging—the Unengaged Subscriber

2021-10-28T13:34:53-06:00By |

How are you treating the unengaged subscribers on your email list? These inactive subscribers are still on your list so potentially have value. But they obviously aren’t responding to your email marketing the way you’d like. What can you do? First off, let’s define an unengaged subscriber, otherwise known as email non-responders. What is [...]

Realize the Value of Relevance to Get More Email Opens

2021-10-28T13:32:19-06:00By |

Think of the last time you didn't read your email for a day or so. When you did check, your inbox was probably filled with both opt-in messages as well as some junk email. Let's focus on those emails you opted in to receive, the ones from brands you had explicitly given permission to [...]

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