This video is episode 07 of Email Never Sleeps, the email marketing podcast. Watch this video to learn why email deliverability is your fault as an email marketer. Also, gain insight into email marketing from a deliverability perspective.

What is Email Never Sleeps?

Email Never Sleeps is a vidcast/podcast to discuss real pragmatic email marketing strategy and allow the listener to gain valuable insight. In episode 7 of Email Never Sleeps, Andrew and Jack do their best to guide you along with email marketing best practices and advice for keeping your emails in the inbox.

Episode Topic:

Why Email Deliverability is Your Fault!

Andrew and Jack have been working in email marketing for many years.

This Email Deliverability video should help you learn technical email marketing strategies and best practices for sending emails in July 2022.

In this video, our guest Jack Wrigley VP of Partner Development for Webbula is discussing with Andrew Kordek why Email Deliverability Is YOUR Fault.

We hope you find this video informative and that you gain insight into Email Deliverability.

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Episode 7 Guest:

Jack Wrigley, VP of Partner Development for Webbula

Jack Wrigley

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Episode 7 Host:

Andrew Kordek

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Why Email Deliverability Is YOUR Fault | Email Never Sleeps Episode 07 | Jack Wrigley Square

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Why Email Deliverability Is YOUR Fault | Email Never Sleeps Episode 07 | Jack Wrigley Square

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