Casino Marketing 101: 4 Ways to Generate More Casino Advertising Revenue

An important source of a casino’s income is the advertising and marketing efforts they put forth. This means that every dollar spent on casino advertising has to pay off big time in order to be worthwhile.

Don’t worry – there are plenty of casino advertising strategies you can use to generate more casino revenue with your limited resources.

1) Do It Yourself

One of our favorite ways to generate casino advertising revenue is by focusing on an area where you can win big—the search engines. The easiest way to accomplish that is by focusing on SEO, or search engine optimization.

The obvious benefit of SEO is when your website or business ranks highly on Google and Bing, it stands a much better chance of attracting new traffic than less optimized pages.

For example, if you rank first for “casino near me” in your city, you’re likely going to generate a lot more visits from people looking for nearby options than other companies who don’t come up as easily.

2) Advertise on Podcasts

Running an ad during a podcast is a low-cost way to get your message in front of thousands of people.

The trick? You have to know what you’re doing.

Podcast ads are meant to sell, not give away, so they have to be compelling and persuasive if they’re going to persuade people into taking action (downloading an app or clicking through for more information).

In other words, podcasts are best used as lead generation rather than conversion—but that doesn’t mean you can’t still do it with some finesse. Here are four ways you can use advertising on podcasts for casino advertising revenue.

2b) Participate in Podcasts / Community Panels

Another inexpensive hack is by encouraging your department heads, including your president and ceo to participate in podcasts and community panels surrounding the casino industry.

There are plenty of places to seek out these opportunities including:

LinkedIn Groups:

  1. Performance Marketing – Casino, Bingo, Poker & Gaming
  2. iGaming People – Lottery, Casino & Gambling Professionals
  4. Online Gaming Consultants

Reddit Communities:

  1. Marketing & Advertising
  2. Advertising
  3. Gambling

Create Relationships at Tradeshows:

Global Gaming Expo

Indian Gaming Tradeshow

3) Invest In Influencers

Casino operators might be surprised to learn that it’s sometimes less expensive to work with influencers than it is an advertising agency or in-house team. An agency often takes a hefty commission for every dollar you spend on its services, whereas working with a social media star can cost much less and often comes with even more transparency and accountability.

If you have a big budget, definitely hire an ad agency. But if your goal is to increase profits quickly and effectively, consider gambling on influencers.

4) Use Advanced Marketing Strategies

When it comes to generating advertising revenue, casinos have a lot of options. We’ve previously outlined 7 Tactics The Gambling And Casino Industry Needs to Implement for 2022.

In addition, consider taking advantage of advanced marketing strategies like direct response advertising, retargeting, and gamification. While these types of ads typically yield lower conversion rates than others, they also cost much less.

These reduced costs mean you can use more frequent and targeted ad campaigns that might be just as effective in increasing your return on investment (ROI).

If you’re running traditional radio or TV spots, look into using online casino digital ads instead. Because online casino digital ads are specifically targeted at those seeking gambling entertainment, they tend to offer higher ROIs than traditional forms of advertising.

Don’t Neglect Email

The most basic casino advertising tactic is email marketing. If your casino has a significant email database and targeting software, you have all of your bases covered. Even if your entire customer base isn’t online, having a robust email system in place allows you to target those who are.

Additionally, another advantage is that email has one of the highest click-through rates on internet marketing today.

Keep in mind that people don’t want ads shoved in their faces all day long on their computers or mobile devices. Be sure to use tactics such as popups or keystroke tracking so you can really hone in on building your customer’s persona. You can also send discount coupons for special events, seasonal offers, limited-time offers etc…

Email is great for reengaging past customers too. It’s an easy way to remind them about upcoming events and specials at your establishment with no extra work required! Just make sure to track how well these emails perform so you can best determine future strategies.

Since it’s unlikely that every single person on your email list will even open an email from you much less respond immediately there are ways around this by creating automated messages that get sent out repeatedly until they are opened and read!


Casino advertising revenue is crucial for large and small casinos alike. By thinking outside of traditional channels, you can come up with creative solutions that bring more players through your doors while working with what you already have. And, as a bonus, these methods are all designed to help you reach out to new customers in innovative ways without spending too much money. Happy marketing!