Enterprise Email Marketing Software & Good Strategy = Email ROI

If you’ve invested in an enterprise email marketing software solution as a better fit for your increasingly complex email marketing needs, you’re probably taking advantage of many of the email marketing tools now available to you. Hopefully, your email service provider is also providing helpful email marketing tips.

But that software alone is not enough to generate the higher email ROI you seek. You must still develop your email marketing strategy and work your way through the stages required for each individual customer to get your emails delivered, opened, and acted upon.

Beyond the enterprise ESP, you still need:

  1. Content
  2. Relevance
  3. Engagement
  4. Deliverability
  5. Inbox placement
  6. Finally… Email ROI

Targeted Emails Start with Good Content

If your target audience doesn’t like what you send to their computer or mobile device, why should they keep opening your emails?

Heck, why should they keep getting your emails? (Can you say “Increased Unsubscribe Rates”) By quality content, I mean content your audience views as useful, compelling, entertaining or in some other way worth their time. This can be any of the following:

  1. Blog Post
  2. Landing Pages
  3. Product Pages
  4. Enticing Call to Action Page

In Marketing Automation, Quality Content is Essential and Leads to…

Improved email relevance

When content is useful or compelling or entertaining in the opinion of your recipient, that’s usually because it is relevant to them. To create even better content that’s more relevant, further segment your lists to ensure an even more tailored message at the right time. Using enterprise email marketing software like iPost makes that kind of granular segmenting easy to do. When the message is right and right on time, it can’t help but be more relevant, and more relevance leads to…

Higher Click-Through Rate & Increased Email Engagement

When recipients know you consistently send them quality content that is relevant to them, they are going to be more engaged with your emails. They are going to seek out your messages in their inboxes and they are more likely to open and then engage with them, confident that they’ll find information they want. This increased engagement then leads to…

Improved Email Deliverability

Although your switch to an enterprise email marketing software platform might help your deliverability rate, your ESP alone does not maximize that rate. You still must adhere to email deliverability best practices. Getting your emails opened is one of those best practices. The more often your emails are opened and engaged with, the more ISP respect you’ll earn and the more likely you are to get your emails delivered which leads to…

Getting in Emai Inbox vs Email Spam Folder

Actually showing up in those email inboxes, also known as your Inbox Placement Rate (IPR). Not every email delivered gets to the inbox because some go directly into spam or junk folders. And do you see that a higher IPR leads to…

Optimal email ROI

The more emails you get delivered, opened, and engaged with, the more sales you make and the higher your email ROI. It really is as simple as that. But your enterprise email marketing software alone won’t make it happen.