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With 25 years in business, Marco is a walking encyclopedia of all things email: best practices, technologies, trends and more. Marco is currently the COO of iPost, a revolutionary email platform built for marketers by marketers. iPost is probably the easiest, most flexible and dynamic marketing automation solution for email and mobile marketing. Before that, Marco was the CEO of ClickMail Marketing, a vendor-agnostic reseller of email marketing solutions that has made the Inc. 500|5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America five times. During his career, Marco has held key marketing management positions at a variety of companies – including eHealth.com and IBM Canada. In the process, he has developed a deep expertise in the Digital Marketing landscape and the technologies pushing the boundaries of personalization and digital marketing – which explains why he is a frequent contributor to industry blogs like the Email Experience Council and Email Vendor Selection. Marco has a degree in Computer Science. He lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and their four children, and in his “free” time, he enjoys buying and selling vintage Italian sports cars.
  • ESP Migration Coming Soon?

Common Questions: New Email Service Provider (ESP Provider)

2021-11-05T10:13:57-06:00By |Tags: |

If you’re in the process of choosing an email service provider (ESP), you may be experiencing some confusion. That’s because Email Service Provider isn’t a straightforward term, and some companies that provide email services aren’t even aware that they are Email Service Providers. So, before you choose an email service provider, ask yourself these [...]

  • Hidden Costs of Switching Email Service Providers

7 Hidden Costs of Switching Email Service Providers (ESP)

2022-01-27T12:47:54-07:00By |Tags: |

If you’re switching email service providers, one of the questions that’s likely top of mind is, what will it cost to move from one ESP to another? Although there are steps you can take to make the ESP migration easier, you still might not understand the real costs. Based on anecdotal evidence from watching—and [...]

  • 5 Bad Email Practices to Avoid in 2023

Avoid These 5 Bad Email Habits in 2023

2023-05-09T10:20:27-06:00By |Tags: |

It's fair to say that none of us in email marketing are in it to annoy our subscribers with our email newsletters. We have all read articles about why subscribers leave your email program. This article about five bad email practices to avoid in 2023 is no exception. In addition to frequency and lack [...]

  • Doing an ESP Migration

Doing an ESP Migration? Avoid These 7 Pitfalls

2022-01-27T12:48:20-07:00By |Tags: |

For Basic ESP Q & A, refer to this previous post for What is an ESP?. You thought going through the ESP selection process was hard? It might look like a walk in the park compared to the actual ESP migration. Moving from one ESP to another involves many different people and parts, and [...]

  • Even an Enterprise Email Marketing Platform Can Lead to Overindulgence in Emailing

Enterprise Email Marketing Tools Can Lead to Excess – Beware!

2021-10-28T12:45:26-06:00By |

It's August 2020 and our scales are showing the effects of the extra food and alcohol consumed while staying home. People now refer to their pandemic pounds and the quarantine 15. We have fattened our curves while flattening the curve. The extra calories are understandable. We’ve been stressed out, seeking comfort and baking bread. [...]

  • Enterprise Email Marketing Software & Good Strategy = Email ROI

Enterprise Email Marketing Software & Good Strategy = Email ROI

2021-10-28T12:47:01-06:00By |Tags: |

If you’ve invested in an enterprise email marketing software solution as a better fit for your increasingly complex email marketing needs, you’re probably taking advantage of many of the email marketing tools now available to you. Hopefully, your email service provider is also providing helpful email marketing tips. But that software alone is not [...]

  • Franchise Email Marketing

Franchise Marketing Agency Tip: Use Data and Analysis for a Better Customer Experience (Updated October 2021)

2021-10-28T14:36:33-06:00By |Tags: |

Relevance has revolutionized both the franchise email marketing industry and franchise marketing systems. It has franchise marketing companies moving us away from the batch-and-blast of old and on to the path toward one-to-one email messaging. Relevancy always matters. No one can afford not to be relevant to at least some degree. And it is [...]