First Impression with your customers is so important – Don’t blow it!

You don’t get a second chance to make the first impression a good impression. That’s why it’s so important for your email programs to start the customer relationship out on the right track. A welcome email series helps to begin building that relationship.

When considering how to put together the strategy for a welcome series, think about short and useful information that will actually benefit the customer. There will be judgments based on that first email.

Do you have a niche product? Or maybe your company has a great story to tell? Sometimes it’s difficult to communicate that story in a single welcome email. In that case, a welcome series can help. A welcome series is a simple way to educate your subscribers on the value of your brand, company, and products.

This series of emails are sent when a subscriber joins the email program. These emails should strengthen the subscriber’s knowledge of your company and their relationship with the company from the start. A welcome series generally follows these guidelines:

  • It’s educational or relationship based.
  • It’s not too sales focused.
  • It highlights a product, service, common problem or brand value.
  • Its look and feel is reflective of the brand.

For example, a cosmetic retailer would like to share information about their products and services. Through a welcome series, they develop a short series of emails that describe how the products are made, the charities that benefit from certain purchases, or how the founder uses the product. This kind of messaging helps to foster a bond between the new subscriber and the brand.

Remember, the welcome email is your one and only chance to make that first impression with your subscriber. Do it right and you will lay the foundation for a long-lasting subscriber relationship.