Welcome Emails Need Unsubscribe Links


One of the greatest misconceptions of welcome emails is that they are transactional and, therefore, not subject to Can-Spam compliance of having an opt-out in them. While accurate in concept, treating a welcome email as transactional means that you, as the brand, go about it the wrong way.


The welcome email often garners the highest engagement numbers out of the entire program and, therefore, should not be treated as a “transactional” email. It is often the first email that a new subscriber gets and is the first impression for the brand to make.

Thus, the email should contain information of a promotional nature such as advertising services or products of the company. It should also include things to nurture and educate the subscriber about what they just signed up for and what to expect going forward. Anything less is you leaving both revenue and brand equity on the table.


Today, not next week or next month, go and look at your welcome email. Then ask yourself if this email was put onto the front page of every newspaper or on screen for 30 seconds during the Super Bowl, does it fulfill your brand promise, and will it convert? If not, engage with a strategist either internally or here at iPost and work on optimizing it. The optimization of this email only has an upside.

Keep on emailing.