How Many Email Links Should I Have? How to Link an Email.


stop! dont add more email links

Stop! Are you questioning how to link an email?

Before you put any more links in your email, highlight the text and ask yourself these important questions:

  1. How many evergreen email links are in your email creative right now? 
  2. How many of those links are clicked on and provide value to the subscriber?
  3. How many of those links have been in there for years and never been addressed?
  4. Did you click the link or links to ensure that they go to where they are supposed to go?
  5. Does the link text make sense?


A few years back, I worked with a client who had a series of links scattered throughout their email. Some of these links were to social media channels, and others were links to “strategic parts of their website.” The problem was two out of the four social channels hadn’t been updated in over two years, while a few of the “strategic” links went to 404 pages. These CTA’s were left over from the last team, and they were never addressed, or even QA’d, and it made for an awkward subscriber experience.


Don’t be fooled; having more links in an email doesn’t mean that your CTR will increase. On the contrary, having more links might detract from people clicking as there is too much choice, even if the subject line drives incredible open rates. However, having focused, well-placed, and intended links in emails will create balance and help drive your audience to a better place for a click and conversion.


If it’s been a year or so and you have not done an inventory around all of our links in your email templates, we at iPost would STRONGLY suggest you do. You might find opportunities, but you also might find ways to optimize your templates. 

To take inventory, you must first identify what links have been in there for quite some time and click on them. Do they take you to the desired destination, and is that place indicative of your brand? If so, then find out how many clicks on that link have occurred over the last 3-6 months and if any of those clicks have lead to a conversion. Remember, having links for the sake of having links is not the goal here. 


The goal is to provide a distraction-free email experience for your subscriber that leads to the conversion. If you decide to eliminate an evergreen link, then back it up with data to combat the naysayers at your organization who feel the need to have it in there.  If the link provides no value or is not indicative of your brand, eliminate it as chances are no one will miss it.

Unnecessary Links in Your Email Sends Are A Distraction

People are distracted these days quickly, and sending emails with unnecessary links that drive no value only adds to their distraction.  Getting rid of things that have been a staple or ingrained into your program for such a long time is hard, but then again, the email program isn’t about you or what executives want.  It’s about providing the best experience for the customer while giving them a better chance to convert via a distraction-free piece of creative.