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Blog: Email Marketing News

Blog: Email Marketing News

Purging Your Subscribers

Purging Your Subscribers Check your marketing ego at the door, people, because at some point in your email career, you will be faced with the decision to purge subscribers from your program. Purging means that you take a pre-defined segment of subscribers and remove them from your sendable database. Here, the operative term is "pre-defined," which means that you need to agree on what parameters make up the need to kick the subscribers to the curb. DEFINING THE SEGMENT Let's be clear; there is no definitive definition or best practice that makes up how you should determine who on your list should be purged. It can be one or a combination of the following: Email [...]

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Take Your Transactional Emails from Dull to Dynamic

Take Your Transactional Emails from Dull to Dynamic You already know transactional emails get a much higher open rate than other marketing emails—from 40% to 85% higher depending on the source you turn to. You probably also know that’s rarely because they’re compelling and interesting. Nope, they’re usually boring. They are literally transactional. Yet people open them. Why? The high open rate happens because these emails are expected. I order something, and then I get an email confirming I ordered it. Then another when it ships. As a typical consumer, I look for these emails so I can track my purchases and know when they’ll arrive. As an email copywriter, I dread these emails because [...]

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DMARC What is it and why you should care

DMARC What is it and why you should care WHAT IS IT? DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance) is an email validation system designed to protect your organization's email domain from spoofing and phishing scams. It uses your existing email authentication protocols such as SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) to determine your email message's authenticity. It adds an essential piece of functionality of reports back to the domain owner, who can then decide who is sending email on their behalf. In a nutshell, DMARC adds a level of certainty on whether an email is legit and that it has originated from your domain and essentially acts like a security [...]

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Doing an ESP Migration? Avoid These 7 Pitfalls

Doing an ESP Migration? Avoid These 7 Pitfalls You thought going through the ESP selection process was hard? It might look like a walk in the park compared to the actual ESP migration. Moving from one ESP to another involves many different people and parts, and how well you do the migration affects how quickly you’ll be up and running with your new ESP. It’s worth doing it well! Yet it’s also fraught with potential pitfalls. At iPost, we see the aftereffects of ESP migration pitfalls when organizations come to us with issues such poor deliverability, inefficient processes, or lack of insight into how to take advantage of all their data. That’s why we’ve summed [...]

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Lengthy Emails Can Work

Lengthy Emails Can Work YOU HAVE BEEN MISLEAD In recent years people in the email industry have led you to believe that our subscribers don't ready lengthy emails anymore. Strategists and thought leaders have subsequently encouraged you to keep emails short or image-heavy with little copy because subscribers "scan." The industry has said that no one likes to scroll on emails unless you have valuable content, and only then should you have your most valuable content at the top to grab their attention. Captain Obvious called on the former and asked that I tell you "HOGWASH" on the latter. MAKING THE CASE If done correctly and tested, you can make reasonably long emails that invite the [...]

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How to get into the inbox at Gmail

How to get into the inbox at Gmail GMAIL IS KING. LONG LIVE THE KING! Gmail is a big deal for B2C email marketers. Gmail addresses can make up 40-80% of your list and cause headaches for marketers who need to have high inbox placement to be successful. Gmail has over 1.5 billion users, a vast email client market share, and is always innovating around the email experience while continuously improving their algorithms to determine inbox placement and delivery of your messages. They are demanding that marketers become better at email marketing, and we at iPost agree. NO SILVER BULLETS Let's be clear; there are no shortcuts or ways around the Gmail algorithm to get [...]

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Marketing Cloud Alternatives: When You Want the Features, not the Headaches

Marketing Cloud Alternatives: When You Want the Features, not the Headaches For all those marketers searching for marketing cloud alternatives, it’s a bit confusing, right? I mean, we’re talking about huge Fortune 100 companies that have been around for years and so well-known that people make memes about using them. Yet marketers have experienced so many headaches that they are actively seeking out marketing cloud alternatives instead. I suspect it’s because marketers want to be able to do what the big marketing clouds promise without having to work so hard and pay so much to do so. They want the features, but they do not want the headaches that come with implementing or using those [...]

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13 Email Predictions & Trends for 2021

13 Email Predictions & Trends for 2021 2020 SUCKED 2020 was a year of consolidation and regurgitation in the email industry. Companies merged, were bought, and even changed names, while the industry managed to talk about the same stuff that we were talking about 10-15 years ago. The operative words in the industry were personalization, automation, and the "New Normal."   While 2020 did suck, it quickly reminded us that pivoting our strategies was not a bad thing, and those that were quick and agile faired far better than those that just followed.  2021 PREDICTIONS & TRENDS In 2021, more of the same will happen across the industry. Companies will consolidate, and "personalization" will be a hot [...]

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Game Changing Web Tracking Data – One Table at a time

Game Changing Web Tracking Data - One Table at a time LEVERAGING DATA FOR INFORMED DECISIONS Sales; it's what every e-commerce company is judged by, and as a person in charge of the email program, there is much pressure put on you to perform. The goal is clear, but sometimes there is no silver bullet on how to achieve it. You might be a master marketer, skilled in the ways copywriting, segmentation, and the best day and time to send emails, or you could be like most of us and learn through testing and data. Most ESP's today track conversions by item, tie it back to an email address and package it up into a [...]

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Three Areas Of Messaging Focus

Three Areas Of Messaging Focus It is looking like for the remainder of 2020 and H1 '21, email volume will likely break all sorts of records due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19. Brands must be aware that they are not just competing with competitors, but almost every brand and other "emails" that subscribers receive. As such, brands should consider pivoting a bit in their messaging for Q4 and 2021. At iPost, we believe that brands should Humanize, Harmonize, and Empathize in their email programs. HUMANIZE Brands need to use copy and content that speak with rather than to their subscribers. A humanized tone rather than the traditional marketing tone should pay dividends in every [...]

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Welcome Emails Need Unsubscribe Links

Welcome Emails Need Unsubscribe Links WHAT! One of the greatest misconceptions of welcome emails is that they are transactional and, therefore, not subject to Can-Spam compliance of having an opt-out in them. While accurate in concept, treating a welcome email as transactional means that you, as the brand, go about it the wrong way. WHY. The welcome email often garners the highest engagement numbers out of the entire program and, therefore, should not be treated as a "transactional" email. It is often the first email that a new subscriber gets and is the first impression for the brand to make. Thus, the email should contain information of a promotional nature such as advertising services or [...]

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9 NOT-SO-GREAT Email Tactics To Get Less Revenue in Q4

9 NOT-SO-GREAT Email Tactics To Get Less Revenue in Q4 By now, you have been inundated with blog posts, webinars, and whitepapers that show all of the beautiful tactics you can employ in Q4 to end 2020 on a high note for revenue in your program. If we wanted to conform to everyone else on that, we would, but given our approach to the modern-day ESP is slightly different from most, we thought a more humorous approach would be best. DISCLAIMER: We at iPost do not endorse nor recommend that any of these tactics be employed as we hope you know that everything in here is meant to be funny. TACTIC 1: Employ a COO [...]

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