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Blog: Email Marketing News

Blog: Email Marketing News

The Best Day And Time To Send Email

In this article, we will discuss how to choose the best day and time for marketing emails and how to create an ideal schedule for your unique audience. We show you new ways to find unique email transmission times that work best for your business. And we'll give you tips on how to determine the best days and times to send your newsletters, along with recommendations on how to improve your overall email marketing strategy. [Sources: 3, 4, 14] As a marketing e-mailer, it is your responsibility to do your research, test different dates and times, and draw your own conclusions about what works and what doesn't. Use of an email provider that allows [...]

14 Best Black Friday Email Subject Lines Examples

Calling all high-level email marketers. Are you ready to boost your email open rates and revenue this holiday season with some of the best Black Friday email subject lines out there? Your subject lines are about to reach next-level status. This holiday season, our team at iPost wants to make sure you communicate your Black Friday deals more effectively in your email campaigns. Businesses are already preparing their sales and tightening things up for Black Friday launches. You probably are, too! Am I right? This post will show you: The best subject lines for Black Friday Black Friday and Cyber Monday email examples Show you how to use email library websites for inspiration Black Friday [...]

5 Ways to Improve Email Deliverability

5 Ways to Improve Email Deliverability Email Deliverability Matters - Email Deliverability Best Practices Email marketing is the most cost-effective way to build brands, relationships, and revenue. When done correctly, the ROI for email marketing is astronomical, so marketers in all organizations love email marketing. One big area which causes some confusion amongst the marketing purist is that of deliverability. Marketers spend countless hours on creative, offers, messaging, subject lines, testing, marketing automation, and numerous other tasks and strategies to ensure an excellent inbox experience for their subscribers, but one thing is often overlooked; deliverability. Email deliverability is different from delivery of email. Simply put, email deliverability is the percentage of emails that [...]

iPost to Attend Multi-Unit Franchising Conference 2021

iPost to Attend Multi-Unit Franchising Conference 2021 Franchisors and Franchisees, can I have your attention, please? I have just been handed an URGENT bit of news that iPost is a Bronze Sponsor of the annual Multi-Unit Franchising Conference Las Vegas MUFC 2021. We are super excited about being there from August 31st - September 3rd, 2021. Despite not having a booth, we will be sending Skip O’Neill, our resident wine connoisseur, gin expert, and email marketing warrior, to this great franchising event. Skip is quite eager to connect with fellow attendees. iPost brings value to the Franchise Industry, Learn More at Multi-Unit Franchising Conference. We understand complex Franchise Systems. At iPost, our commitment to [...]

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Franchise Marketing Attribution in Digital Email Marketing

Franchise Marketing Attribution in Digital Email Marketing In a recent Scorpion Research Study (published on the IFA site) done on Franchise Owner Marketing Attitudes & Usage, almost 27% of the business owner respondents said that Franchise Marketing Attribution was the most significant marketing challenge that they faced. In addition, when asked about what aspects of their digital advertising could work better, respondents said: “they wanted their SEO, PPC, directory listing, and email marketing to work more cohesively.” These marketing challenges may seem daunting but are not impossible to solve. Key Factors to Consider for Better Franchise Marketing Attribution 1. Attribution > cohesion When it comes to channel cohesion, it’s always the dream of any [...]

Email Marketing: What is a Pristine Spam Trap?

Email Marketing: What is a Pristine Spam Trap? A Pristine Spam Trap Is Not Good. There are three types of spam traps senders can email, but one of the worst ones is called a pristine spam trap.  Pristine traps have also been referred to by email marketers as true traps or honeypots because the address has never been an email address.  They are created by ISP’s, security companies, and inbox providers for the sole purpose of catching spammers. For example, may look, sound, and feel like a legitimate email address, but let’s be honest, no one wants to type or even remember that address. How Do These Spam Trap Recipients Get On Your [...]

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4 Dumb Ways to Deal with Mail Privacy Protection

There has undoubtedly been a lot of hullabaloo around Mail Privacy Protection affecting email over the last few weeks. Apple iPhone users on apple devices can now surpass tracking pixels and online activity. The industry itself has all agreed that people should not panic and that email will continue to thrive and innovate due to this change from Apple. That being said, we at iPost all love a good laugh, so we decided to come up with four dumb ways your brand can deal with Mail Privacy Protection going forward. (Please note that we are not condoning or endorsing these practices in any way as this post is meant for entertainment purposes only) [...]

Andrew Kordek | 8 Questions Answered | Best Email Program

Does the perfect email program exist? What is the best email system? These are commonly asked questions by digital marketers and the answer may surprise you. The perfect email program may or may not exist. Depending on how you define perfection, the Perfect Email Program Video by Andrew Kordek answers 8 commonly asked questions he encounters in his day to day at iPost. In, The Perfect Email Program Video, I discuss/challenge you as email marketers to answer a few questions to see if your program is ahead of the game. Perfect Email Program Video by Andrew Kordek I'm Andrew Kordek, I spent nine years managing emails on the client-side and managing multiple email accounts for Quest [...]

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Top Email Subject Lines In June 2021

Top Email Subject Lines In June 2021 Best June email subject lines  We love writing email subject lines. We love testing them. We love to be surprised when what we think will work doesn’t. We also love when an email we didn't expect to take off gets incredible email open rates. Effective Email at its best! We love good emails at iPost. (please don’t get us started on open rates) Source: As you surely know, a well-crafted eye catching email subject line can enhance the email’s opportunity for subscriber engagement when you send an email. While there were so many great emails and great subject lines that hit our personal email [...]

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How Many Email Links Should I Have? How to Link an Email.

How Many Email Links Should I Have? How to Link an Email. "MORE LINKS! MORE LINKS! MORE LINKS!"   Stop! Are you questioning how to link an email? Before you put any more links in your email, highlight the text and ask yourself these important questions: How many evergreen email links are in your email creative right now?  How many of those links are clicked on and provide value to the subscriber? How many of those links have been in there for years and never been addressed? Did you click the link or links to ensure that they go to where they are supposed to go? Does the link text make sense? A TRUE [...]

Testing an email is a waste of time.

Testing an email is a waste of time. I am sick of the words “test it” in email marketing.  For the last 15 years, it seems that you cannot go a week without reading an article about the value of testing in email. Thought leaders, content marketers, vendors, and agencies have all banged the drum of just how testing can work and produce results. Unfortunately, in most cases, marketers haul off and test maybe one or two emails, see little if any change, and move on. Perhaps they get discouraged around how testing is supposed to be set up, or maybe they thought it would be easy and find that it takes patience and [...]

Thank you Apple, we L.O.V.E. MPP!

Thank you Apple, we L.O.V.E. MPP! Apple delivered the email marketing community a gift at the WWDC this past week, and we at iPost cannot be more excited.  In case you haven’t heard, Apple will be releasing “Mail Privacy Protection” MPP later this year with iOS15, iPadOS15, watchOS8, and macOS Monterey. Here is what we know so far about Mail Privacy Protection (MPP): IP addresses will be blocked. The opening times of emails will now no longer be accurate at all Email opens will be completely inaccurate - All emails will be marked as open whether a person reads them or not. Tracking Pixels (or “spy pixels”) will be opened by default All remote [...]

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