In this episode of Email Never Sleeps, Andrew Kordek engages with Jakub Olexa, the founder and CEO of Mailkit and Omniv, to discuss the evolving landscape of email marketing. The conversation covers the strategic use of dedicated IPs and the shifting relevance of traditional email metrics like open rates.

Rethinking Dedicated IPs

Jakub Olexa provides a compelling overview of the email marketing scene, mainly using dedicated IPs. While common in the US due to the availability of large IP blocks and high-volume sending practices, the European scenario is markedly different. European companies often deal with lower volumes, making the management of dedicated IPs more challenging and less common. Jakub explains that focusing on quality over quantity, selecting customers with best practices, and maintaining a stellar network reputation are more sustainable strategies than segregating senders through various IP pools.

The Shift from Traditional Metrics

The discussion then turns to the gradual decline of traditional metrics such as open rates, which Jakub argues are becoming increasingly unreliable. This unreliability has been exacerbated by technologies like Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection, which obscures the accuracy of open metrics by automating email opens. Both Jakub and Andrew stress that marketers need to look beyond these vanity metrics and focus on more substantive measures of success, such as actual engagement and conversions.

Insights on Email Deliverability

Jakub also delves into the technical aspects of email deliverability. He emphasizes the importance of the overall network’s health over the status of individual IPs. This holistic approach ensures that all senders in the network maintain high standards, benefiting from shared positive reputations rather than suffering from the poor practices of a few.

Key Takeaways

  1. Quality Over Quantity: Prioritize maintaining a high-quality sender base to ensure network integrity and deliverability.
  2. Reevaluate Metrics: Move away from traditional, less reliable metrics like open rates towards more robust engagement and business impact measures.
  3. Understand Your Infrastructure: Whether using dedicated or shared IPs, understanding the broader network and its reputation is crucial.

This insightful discussion encourages email marketers to adapt to the changing dynamics of the industry. Businesses can effectively enhance their email marketing strategies by focusing on quality sending practices and meaningful metrics.

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