2021 Gaming & Gambling Industry Conferences Recap Las Vegas

I recently attended two industry-specific conferences, both in Las Vegas.  First was the Multi-unit Franchise Conference (MUFC) followed two weeks later at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E).  It was nice to get out and start seeing people face to face.  It’s funny that a franchise-related event and a casino/gaming event could have so much in common.

Industry Conferences Recap

The over-arching theme from both conferences was the need for engagement.  At the MUFC 2021 event, it was around the franchisor wanting to determine which prospective franchisee is more likely to buy a franchise location.  They are wanting an automated process to separate the wheat from the chaff for those who raise their hand to learn more about becoming a franchise.

The theme was the same at G2E 2021, but with a twist.  The attendees at this event were for the most part casinos and online gaming companies who were concerned about keeping their most engaged players coming back.  Increasing engagement, whether for a B2B (franchise business) or a B2C scenario to help with casino player development is critical to the success of the respective businesses.

How does one increase engagement with email?  It starts with leveraging the data you have on your subscribers and coupling that attribute data with email behavior (or non-behavior) to create a journey that is relevant to that subscriber.

This is part of the email success equation: Relevancy = engagement =ROI

As an email marketer with access to subscriber data, it is important to always pay attention to your content.  Make sure it is relevant to the individual recipient.  The more relevant the content, the higher the engagement level you will achieve and will ultimately lead to a higher return.

If you are struggling with an engagement scoring plan, just remember, keep it simple and safe.

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