Emails From The Client Side – Part 1: Engagement Levels

My engagement has peaked.

Over the last 12 months, email marketing has become even more critical for many organizations, and the numbers show it. Email marketing volume is at an all-time high, and ESP’s like iPost help lead the way with our clients and prospects in optimizing complex programs.

As we continue to grow, we are constantly fielding questions around our solution and its ability to perform strategically no matter what vertical they are in.

One common theme from our clients is around “engagement.” A recent email from the client-side asked us this: My engagement levels have peaked in many of my programs, and some are declining; what do I do?

The silver bullet

First and foremost, there is no standard answer or best practice to solve or give insight into what is happening, but there is a sure-fire way to find out what is happening. It’s called an account review, and it’s all about pinpointing the root cause of what is happening and what needs to be done to turn things in the right direction. Let’s be clear that this is not an audit of the program, where people come in and spend days interviewing stakeholders and weeks preparing a pre-formatted deck with a list of recommendations that seem almost overwhelming to implement and turn out to be costly.

An account review is performed by people who have sat in your seat as a client and know what to look for without being too invasive in your day-to-day—experienced people who know what to look for and recommend to show immediate value.

The services and support teams here at iPost have an average of 15 years of experience in email marketing and have sat in the client seat, just like you.

So what about my problem: Engagement?

It would be unfair of me as a professional email marketer to say things like everyone else says:

  1. Maybe you should test.
  2. Perhaps you should do a countdown clock.
  3. Maybe you should do a content check/audit.
  4. Perhaps you should look at other engagement numbers.
  5. How about we sit down with a 5-page list of questions to get to know your program.

The list of recommendations and causes can be exhaustive and overwhelming to most. A downward trend in engagement might be a good thing, or it could be a sign of things to come, but there is one way to find out.

Just like we cannot answer the best day and time to send an email, we cannot speculate why engagement has peaked or is trending down. It takes a review of the account and the experience of what to look for.

You have been no help, thanks.

I believe I have been of help. Sometimes speaking with honesty is the better way than pretending to have all of the answers wrapped up in a bow.

Here is where the fun part begins. If you send me an email to akordek@ipost and describe your issue*, I will be happy to have my services team, including me, spend 2 hours of our time, at no cost to you, around an account review. If you like what you hear, then let’s chat more. If you don’t, we can high-five each other and move on.

You game?

*limited to 5 organizations (for now)