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Hey Hey! It’s episode 3 of Email Never Sleeps, the pragmatic email marketing strategy insight podcast. Watch this week’s episode to hear InboxArmy’s Christopher Donald spill details on why the 3 Step Abandoned Cart Email Series is Dead and how some businesses have up to eight emails in their abandon cart automation!

What is Email Never Sleeps?

Email Never Sleeps is a vidcast/podcast to discuss real pragmatic email marketing strategy and allow the listener to gain valuable insight. In episode 3 of Email Never Sleeps, Andrew and Chris do their best to guide you along with email marketing best practices and advice for sending emails in April 2022.

Episode Topic:

3 Step Abandoned Cart Email Series is Dead

Episode 3 Guest:

In episode 3, our guest Chris Donald, Managing Partner of InboxArmy is discussing with Andrew Kordek some of their favorite email marketing tips and hacks and what the standard is for abandon cart emailing.

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