iPost Three-Areas-Of-Messaging-Focus

How can you ensure that your email marketing efforts continue to resonate with your subscribers?

Focus on three key techniques that will make sure you humanize, harmonize, and empathize with your audience.

No matter what type of business you’re running, it’s vital to understand the importance of creating relationships with your subscribers. After all, these people are the lifeblood of your company; if they feel valued and appreciated, they’ll likely respond by telling their friends about your brand or purchasing more products from you in the future!

Email volume will continue to break all sorts of records in the next few years. Brands must be aware that they are not just competing with competitors, but almost every brand and other “emails” that subscribers receive. As such, brands should consider pivoting a bit in their email marketing campaign Email Messaging right now!

Brands should Humanize, Harmonize, and Empathize in their Email Messaging.

Brands need to Humanize, Harmonize, and Empathize in their Email Messaging.

Humanize Your Message

When you send email, brands need to use copy and content that speak with their subscribers rather than to their subscribers. A humanized tone in email campaigns rather than the traditional marketing tone should pay dividends in every email (higher click-through rate).

Email copywriting is a lost art, and it’s time for it to make a comeback.

Brands must remember that your subscriber signed up because they thought you had something important to say. Respond accordingly.

Harmonize Across Channels

If there were ever a time for brands to ensure that their messages are in harmony across their digital marketing channels, it is now. Fragmented messaging and competing channels all for the same customer are no longer acceptable.

Eliminate the VS. environment if you have one. It’s extremely costly to win back customers who are lost because of conflicting information.

Better yet, invest your energy in finding new ways to harmonize your communications with those customers via content that speaks directly and emotionally (ie: with empathy) with them so they actually feel heard and don’t bolt elsewhere at the first sign of stress.

You might even entice some of them back into full-fledged engagement as long as you stay consistent with your goals for your campaign!

The key here is recognizing what consumers want from us as businesses versus what we want from them as brands. Don’t make consumers jump through hoops just because it makes our lives easier or works within our very small business playbook.

Empathize With Subscribers

Humans spot fake empathy quicker than you think. Your messaging should contain empathy, but be cautious about going overboard and looking like you are trying too hard.

Testing the empathy levels inside your creative to find the right balance is crucial, especially to those subscribers who have not engaged with your brand in a while. Be genuine, but be unique.

In today’s world of mass communication, subscriber lists are vast, so take it easy on them by communicating directly with their emotions rather than pushing them off as just another number on your list.

If a subscriber has been unsubscribed from one of your campaigns recently, don’t send that person an email again without any explanation.


Brands MUST pivot and not rest on what has worked in the past in content marketing.

Effective email marketing is based on optimizing key performance indicators (KPIs) and lead generation. If you focus on those things in your email campaigns, you will avoid noise and distraction.

For example, make sure you have a clear unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails as well as opt-in box when someone first enters your email list. It’s also important to respect that people value their time today more than ever before – so get right to what they want!

Make sure every single email is entirely focused on one point. Using iPost email messaging automation software is an excellent way for growing companies to do exactly that.

Be well!