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With 25 years in business, Marco is a walking encyclopedia of all things email: best practices, technologies, trends and more. Marco is currently the COO of iPost, a revolutionary email platform built for marketers by marketers. iPost is probably the easiest, most flexible and dynamic marketing automation solution for email and mobile marketing. Before that, Marco was the CEO of ClickMail Marketing, a vendor-agnostic reseller of email marketing solutions that has made the Inc. 500|5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America five times. During his career, Marco has held key marketing management positions at a variety of companies – including eHealth.com and IBM Canada. In the process, he has developed a deep expertise in the Digital Marketing landscape and the technologies pushing the boundaries of personalization and digital marketing – which explains why he is a frequent contributor to industry blogs like the Email Experience Council and Email Vendor Selection. Marco has a degree in Computer Science. He lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and their four children, and in his “free” time, he enjoys buying and selling vintage Italian sports cars.
  • Effective Restaurant Marketing

Effective Restaurant Marketing: Your Restaurant Email Deliverability Isn’t Good (Yet)

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Effective Restaurant Marketing: Your Restaurant Email Deliverability Isn't Good (Yet) On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, how would you rank the deliverability rate of your restaurant email marketing? Deliverability often doesn’t get a 10—either in importance or performance—because many digital marketing gurus often think deliverability ends [...]

  • How to Create a Powerful Behavioral Targeting Email Strategy

How to Create a Powerful Behavioral Targeting Email Strategy

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Email marketing is becoming more difficult to do. Social media marketing, video marketing, and content marketing are competing with email to capture attention. But, for most digital marketers, email is still the bread and butter of their online business. That said, those who adapt to a more modern behavior based email marketing strategy will [...]