Are you a casino marketer looking to maximize your digital and email programs to increase revenue? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This blog post will explore a casino email marketing automation journey with 5X ROAS and game-changing strategies that can revolutionize your casino’s email marketing efforts.

Andrew Kordek, from iPost, will guide you through six key areas crucial for email program success. So, let’s dive in and discover how to take your casino’s email marketing to new heights.

Increasing Wallet Share:

Every casino aims to maximize customer spending. This section will explore numerous techniques to accomplish this goal. From personalized offers to loyalty rewards, we’ll discuss strategies to increase wallet share effectively.

Measuring Guest Spend:

Tracking guest spending is essential, especially if you manage multiple properties or brands. Discover effective ways to measure and analyze guest spending data. This valuable information can help you understand customer behavior and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

Multi-Channel Communication:

In today’s digital landscape, customers expect communication across various channels. Casinos need to explore how to engage with their audience through various platforms. Learn how to leverage email, social media, and other channels to create a seamless and personalized customer experience.


With a wealth of player data at your disposal, personalization becomes a key factor in your email marketing success. Discover intriguing insights on how to use this information effectively to personalize your communications, offers, and incentives. Tailoring your emails based on customer preferences can significantly enhance engagement and drive revenue growth.

Scalable Technology:

As your casino grows, it becomes crucial to have a technology solution to keep up with your expanding data and deliver hyper-individualized experiences. Explore how iPost’s cutting-edge casino platform can meet your evolving needs and provide the scalability required to support your casino’s growth.


In the fast-paced casino industry, speed is of the essence. Staying ahead of the competition through swift actions can give you a significant advantage. Discover strategies to maintain agility and capitalize on market opportunities effectively.

The Power of Decision Logic in Email Marketing:

In addition to the six key areas mentioned above, Andrew Kordek introduces the power of decision logic in email marketing. By leveraging behavioral and non-behavioral triggers, you can increase revenue streams from new players through personalized email journeys. Imagine achieving an average lift of 5x in player development across the board! This section will delve into the concept of decision logic and its impact on casino revenue growth.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your casino’s email marketing efforts. By implementing the strategies discussed in this blog post, you can boost revenue, engage customers, and create personalized experiences that set your casino apart from the competition. Visit iPost’s website to explore success stories and learn more about their comprehensive solutions for the casino industry.

Whether you need a consultation or want to bounce ideas off their experienced team, iPost is here to assist you in taking your email marketing to new heights. Start creating personalized customer journeys today and unlock the full potential of your casino’s email marketing campaigns.

Remember, the world of casino email marketing is waiting for you to conquer it. Together with iPost, you can achieve remarkable results and drive unprecedented growth in your casino business.

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