How to Win Back Lost Customers Using Email

Building a solid subscriber list is hard. Keeping a subscriber engaged is even harder. No matter how hard we work to get people to sign up for our email lists, subscriber attrition and abandoned carts are an ongoing challenge for email marketers.

Customers abandon email programs for a variety of reasons.

They might experience a life or job change that makes a brand irrelevant. They might suffer from list fatigue. They might be over-subscribed and getting too many emails from too many brands. We can’t know the reasons, so we must put programs in place to decrease attrition and minimize its impact on revenues.

Automated win-back

Automated win-back email or re-engagement programs provide a cost-effective way for companies to reach out to both long- and short-term “lost” customers by using targeted messages to re-engage them. Successful communication with these consumers will be important to the longevity of the retained customer.

In addition, you need to define subscribers who need to be won back. Are they past customers who have not purchased in the last 12 months, or are they just unengaged and not opening emails for the past six months? You might need more than one win-back campaign so you can target these different audiences to regain their confidence and get them buying your products or reading your content once again.

Or course, the be approach is keeping customers engaged all along, so make sure you don’t over-message and that each message you send is relevant and useful. Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.