Email Messaging Platform. Use data like you mean it.

The modern customer demands that you use their data to personalize their experience with your brand, and as a marketer, you need speed, scale, flexibility, and a rapid ROI to get the job done. iPost is built to unlock your data to help deliver relevant content with speed, flexibility, and scale. 


Customize your player development journey using behavioral data to increase wallet share.

iPost drives loyalty among your players by creating 5X new player/member revenue streams using decision logic around player behavior. 

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One place to support and train corporate and franchise-owned locations through multi-tiered accounts.

iPost solves the problems franchises face when running email programs – consistent branding and fragmentation all wrapped up in one location.

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Engage new readers, personalize and improve readership throughout the lifecycle.

iPost lets you adapt to the ever-changing needs of your readers by using data to make the reading experience unforgettable.

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Your guests are hungry…for a better email experience.

Create and send amazingly personalized journeys for your guests across all channels— no need to add extra salt.

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Build a better connection and increase engagement with your members.

iPost lets you connect with your members on a whole new level, using data and an easy-to-use interface to create journeys for retention and education around your association.

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Your customer demands more personalization in a humanized tone.

iPost allows you to send an email and use your data in new and existing ways – no Ph.D. or Certification is needed to work in the platform.

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Our recent projects

Our recent projects

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We create amazing digital products

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      We are a full-service digital company

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