Switching ESP Doesn’t Have to Hurt with a Guide by Your Side

As many of you know, a couple of years ago I was in Nepal with my daughter to trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp (EBC). Along the way, there were many trekkers who were going it alone without the help of a guide or Sherpa. But the Sherpas are there for a reason. They know which routes to avoid and which ones offer the easiest path. Our Sherpa, Nima, was making his 85th trek to EBC so we felt very confident that whatever obstacle we found ourselves faced with, he would help us to successfully navigate it.

When it comes to making the transition from one email service provider (ESP) to another, you should ensure that the team at the new ESP knows the route to success—just as an experienced Sherpa would. Having a team of savvy marketers along with an experienced project manager is a must. You should ensure that your assigned ESP project manager has “walked the hills” with previous implementations. As with trekking, an inexperienced project manager often doesn’t have the “on mountain” experience to navigate the issues that will invariably arise during the transition. To make sure they can act as your ESP Sherpa, ask questions like:

  • Are they familiar with the ESP you are migrating away from?
  • What is the typical timeline for transitioning to the new platform?
  • Will you have a single point of contact to help you throughout the process?

Transitioning from your old solution to a new one can be a daunting task. Just think about the last software implementation you were involved with. It was probably behind schedule, and impacted your days and costs more than budgeted. It doesn’t have to be that way when you switch ESPs, however. A Sherpa who has been down the path many times can help you navigate the path to success, and he or she can help you avoid the potential challenges and pitfalls that arise during any implementation.