Most marketers know the importance of value research, but many have never actually invested in it! You are missing out on some benefits and groundbreaking data, so watch this video and see why value research & email marketing are important for 2023.

Email Never Sleeps Episode 1, Season 2 with Todd Lebo

In this video Andrew Kordek and Todd Lebo show you why research is important in email marketing, and tips and hacks. This video should make you search email marketing trends or email marketing best practices. You may have seen a video from the channel HubSpot Marketing and LYFE Marketing, so I hope you find this video just as informative and that you learn some best practices that all email marketing for beginners should know.

Don’t miss these inside email tips, value research and email marketing for beginners, intermediate and advanced! The trends in email marketing for 2023 are amazing, so check out this video and see for yourself!

Data is king in Email Marketing

In today’s digital age, data is king. Every marketer knows that keeping an engaged email list is crucial to the success of any email marketing campaign. But what happens when keeping that list growing and engaged gets more complex?

That’s when some companies may need to turn to data research firms, such as Ascend2.

Ascend2 is a primary research firm specializing in custom surveys and analysis for companies. Their go-to is “research in action,” where they work with companies to create research that helps engage audiences, build brands, and drive demand.

In this YouTube video with Andrew Kordek, VP at iPost, Todd Lebo, President and CEO of Ascend2, discussed the challenges companies face when trying to keep their email lists engaged.

According to Todd, “emails are still working, but it’s harder and harder to keep that list growing and engaged. So many things go right back to data quality.” Companies need to have a well-segmented and clean list, understand their audience, and be directly communicating with them to provide meaningful value.

Todd’s insights highlight the importance of data quality in email marketing. A clean and well-segmented email list is crucial for targeting the right audience with the right message.

By creating custom surveys and analyses for companies, Ascend2 helps companies better understand their audience and produce great content that will engage them and drive sales.

According to Todd, companies must focus on educating their audience and providing valuable information rather than just selling to them. This means creating informative, educational, and helpful content for the reader.

In addition to email marketing, also covered are other topics, such as video marketing and CDPs. Watch now to learn about value research in email marketing.

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