Top Subject Lines in September

At iPost, we get many emails, and by many, I mean we get a ton. We are always looking at how the market is shifting not only in design but the frequency, messaging, testing, and, most importantly, subject lines.

As you may know, a well-crafted subject line can enhance the email’s opportunity for subscriber engagement. There are hundreds of blog posts around how to write and test subject lines, so rather than educate, we thought it would be more entertaining to show you the iPost top 10 subject lines that landed in our inboxes in September.

  1. It’s time for $6 Fri-YAY deals! –
  2. Chi-VOTE-le Tees: Scan. Register. Vote. – Chipotle
  3. Watching 🏈 and eating 🍕. Life is good. – Domino’s
  4. Open Me, Pretty Please… – Miles Kimbell
  5. WARNING: Cute Dogs and Special Pricing Inside. – Zum Bar Soap
  6. Get used to hearing, “Where did you find this?” – Uncommon Goods
  7. Aries, you up? – PurewowAries, you up?
  8. No one remembers your favorite 90’s song… – The Pudding
  9. Just think…if you get lunch at home, you can take a nap afterwards😁 – O’Charley’s
  10. Gowns that say, “I’m yours.” – B H L D N

Subject lines should have an element of fun while being informative, but always remember that they have to mirror your brand voice and promise. Congrats to the top 10 that made our list.

Until next month….keep on on writing, and we will keep on watching.