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Sharon Ernst from BetterFasterWriter.com is on a mission to improve the business and marketing writing skills of today’s workforce with her blog, newsletter and online classes. Her newest class on intermediate email copywriting covers 19 tips and techniques non-copywriters can put to use right away for better results. The class has real-life examples and before/after comparisons to make the lessons stick. Find her class at www.betterfasterwriter.com/intermediate-email-copywriting-class. When she’s not busy helping employees, managers and marketers master their writing skills, she and her husband are busy raising pigs, cows, chickens and vegetables on their 20-acre farm.

Conversions are Key: Great Sales Emails Use Alt Text

2021-10-28T09:39:33-06:00By |Tags: , , |

Email is one of the most powerful tools in any marketer's toolbox. It can be used to augment anything from email newsletters, social media promotions and announcements, and even your website. When you send an email that includes a call-to-action (CTA) button or an image, it's important to include alt text so email recipients [...]

Take Your Transactional Emails from Dull to Dynamic

2021-10-28T10:17:35-06:00By |Tags: , , |

If you're sending transactional email, you already know transactional emails get a much higher open rate than other ESP marketing emails—from 40% to 85% higher depending on the source you turn to. You probably also know that’s rarely because they’re compelling and interesting. Nope, they’re usually boring. They are literally a transactional message. Yet [...]

5 reasons email copywriting is different

2021-11-09T11:02:22-07:00By |Tags: , |

Email marketers & business owners usually assume email copywriting is easy. Or they assume it’s like writing any other kind of marketing copy. But they’re wrong. If you want to succeed with email marketing in 2022 and beyond, it’s time to start learning how to write killer emails. To really learn email copywriting, it [...]

Improve Your Email Marketing Results Right Now

2021-10-27T10:15:36-06:00By |

Quick! What’s the best way to improve your email marketing right now? Grow your list? Send more emails? Change vendors? Use emojis in your subject line? The answer is…none of the above. What's The Best Way to Improve Your Email Marketing Results? The reality is, the best way to improve your email campaigns right [...]

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