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Andrew Kordek has spent 22 years in email marketing, both on the client and agency side. He has worked on and with some of the largest and most complex email programs globally to maximize ROI. A data-driven and innovative marketer, Andrew advocates for the subscriber and provides valuable insight for long-term success in email marketing. He currently lives in the Chicago area with his lovely wife, his 20-year old son, and his dog Nugget. He is the only employee at iPost with a license plate that says EMAIL.
  • Career Growth in Email Marketing: Advice for Aspiring Professionals 02 09

Career Growth in Email Marketing: Advice for Aspiring Professionals

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In episode 9 of the Email Never Sleeps podcast titled "Career Growth in Email Marketing: Advice for Aspiring Professionals," Andrew Kordek and Eric Kriegermeier engage in an insightful discussion about their journey in the email industry. Eric, the Director of Solutions Engineering at Shaw/Scott, shared his experience and valuable advice for those looking [...]

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Do Fonts Matter in Email? 452 Email Gurus Polled, Results Video

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A poll on LinkedIn's Email Gurus group asked whether the average subscriber cares about font choice in emails, landing pages, and preference centers. Comments from participants highlighted the importance of consistent branding and elements for premium brands, as well as focusing on readability and matching the brand. Join the Group.  With over 18K [...]

  • Casino Email Marketing Automation Journey with 5X ROAS

Casino Email Marketing Automation Journey with 5X ROAS

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Are you a casino marketer looking to maximize your digital and email programs to increase revenue? If so, you've come to the right place! This blog post will explore a casino email marketing automation journey with 5X ROAS and game-changing strategies that can revolutionize your casino's email marketing efforts. Andrew Kordek, from iPost, [...]

  • Email Never Sleeps Season 2 Episode 7

Email Marketing Mastery: The Art of Defining Success in Email

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Email marketing is a powerful tool that can yield exceptional results when executed strategically. Defining success in your email campaigns is crucial to reach email marketing mastery.  In this post, we will explore the critical aspects of defining success in email marketing and how to leverage them for optimal results. By focusing on [...]