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  • Understanding Email Open Rates

Understanding Email Open Rates

Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, understanding the nuances of email marketing metrics is crucial to optimizing your campaigns for maximum impact. Among these metrics, email open rates stand out as a fundamental indicator of your email's initial success, acting as a gateway to further engagement through click-through and click-to-open rates (CTRs and CTORs). This article delves into the intricacies of what constitutes a good open rate, alongside exploring CTRs and CTORs, providing [...]

  • The Best Email Subject Lines - Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

The Best Email Subject Lines – Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

The best email subject lines are the ones that get your emails opened. The subject line is not the first thing your recipient looks at. That’s the From name. But after that, the subject line will get your subscriber to open your email—or not. Research finds 47% of recipients open an email based on the subject line. That’s almost half of the names on your list who will decide to open your email or ignore it [...]

  • Essential Types of Email Campaigns for Marketers copy

9 Essential Types of Email Campaigns for Marketers

Email campaigns are a direct and powerful way to communicate with your email list in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. Each email campaign offers a unique opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your audience, from welcoming new subscribers to nudging those almost forgotten carts across the checkout line. Let's explore nine essential email campaigns every marketer should deploy to master engagement and drive results. The Spectrum of Email Marketing Campaigns Email marketing's strength lies in its [...]

  • The Perfect Welcome Series: Setting Up Your Brand and Consumers for Success

The Perfect Welcome Series: Setting Up Your Brand and Consumers for Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of email marketing, the welcome series stands as the cornerstone of a successful brand-consumer relationship. Episode 5 of Season 3 of the "Email Never Sleeps" podcast, hosted by Andrew Kordek, shines a spotlight on this pivotal aspect of email marketing. Joining him is Jennifer Hoth, an email marketing expert with over 13 years of experience, who shares her deep insights into crafting the perfect welcome series that sets both brands and [...]

  • Email Never Sleeps Podcast 04

The Art of Casino Marketing

In the latest episode of "Email Never Sleeps," hosted by Andrew Kordek, we had the privilege of discussing the evolving marketing landscape with Scott Wolson, a seasoned expert in casino marketing. The conversation centered around a critical issue many marketers face today: the overshadowing of copy and creativity by technological advancements and artificial intelligence (AI). This blog post unpacks the key insights from their discussion, offering valuable perspectives for marketers striving to maintain creativity in [...]

  • Maximizing Email Engagement: Insights from Monica Badiu on iPost's "Email Never Sleeps

Maximize Engagement: Pro Tips for a Successful Email List Cleanup

Welcome to another episode of "Email Never Sleeps," hosted by Andrew Kordek of iPost. In Season 3, Episode 3, we had the pleasure of hosting Monica Badiu, an esteemed email marketing copywriter and coach, from Bucharest. This episode, titled "Maximizing Engagement," delves into the crucial world of email list cleanup and the art of maintaining a responsive and healthy subscriber base. Monica Badiu: A Passionate Voice in Email Marketing Monica brings over a dozen [...]

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