• Franchise Development – Increasing the number of Leads & shortening the sales cycle In speaking with many franchise development leaders, there is a nagging challenge with getting more qualified leads into the funnel. Once those names are in the fran dev sales cycle, the second challenge is to identify which of those folks are just kicking tires from the ones who are truly interested in becoming a franchisee . Trying to pursue those tire kickers who have little intention of buying or can’t qualify, is a waste of resources that could be better used in pursuing those how raised their hand and want to start the discussion. New Leads: Image if you will, the fran dev team having visibility into everyone who visits your “become a franchise” page, who do NOT fill out the form. Today, you likely only see those folks who visit the page, complete the form and hits submit. Those names go into your CRM for follow up. Visitors visit the page and ‘abandon” the form for many reasons, some are interruptions, phone ringing, time for dinner, etc. Maybe they are just exploring what it takes to become a business owner. Regardless, wouldn’t you like the chance to start the discussion? Even if they are not ready now, you can always nurture them with an email automation to keep your brand front and center. Tire kicker or hot lead: The other challenge: is once those individuals do submit the form, identifying who are real and who is not. Like separating the wheat from the chaff. Understanding your ideal customer profile and building a persona for those who you’d classify as HOT and leverage a lead/engagement scoring solution to score your leads based in part by your persona AND weaving in their behaviors. For example: Your ideal profile is: married couple, college educated, live in Texas, NC, MO, etc. are currently employed in service or food service as a district manager or regional manager and have $200,000 available to invest. A new lead comes in and you score that person based on how close they match your ICP. Scoring goes further and takes into account their behavior with emails, phone calls, etc. If for example a triggered thank you email has a link to “learn more”, you might assign a greater score to those folks who “click” the link and complete the secondary questionnaire, than those who don’t even open the thank you email. That way those who have the higher score are more ripe for follow up. Having this kind of visibility into your leads database can help to save you time, reduce sales cycles and ultimately help you meet your franchise development goals.

Franchise Development: Increase Number of Leads and Shorten Sales Cycle

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In speaking with many franchise development leaders, there is a nagging challenge with getting more qualified franchise development leads into the funnel with current lead generation strategies. Once those names are in the franchise development (fran dev) sales cycle, the second challenge is to identify which folks are just "kicking tires" from the ones [...]

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The 21 Do’s & Don’ts for Franchisors in Email Marketing

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Email Marketing For Franchise Development

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Connecting with your audience and developing the franchise are extremely important for growth in the franchise industry. All successful franchises use email marketing and automation tools for franchise development. When you think of franchise development, you don’t often think about how email marketing can influence the process. However, a well-executed and timely franchise email [...]

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