• iPost eValuate

iPost Announces eValuate, a Free Assessment for Email Marketers

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SAN MATEO, CALIF., May 06, 2021 iPost, an enterprise email marketing and automation provider, has announced iPost eValuate, a free assessment of two critical email marketing components: subscribers and creative. With eValuate, iPost experts with an average of 15 years of industry experience conduct both a subscriber analysis and a creative review. iPost eValuate Can Analyze Up [...]

  • Hidden Costs of Switching Email Service Providers

7 Hidden Costs of Switching Email Service Providers (ESP)

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If you’re switching email service providers, one of the questions that’s likely top of mind is, what will it cost to move from one ESP to another? Although there are steps you can take to make the ESP migration easier, you still might not understand the real costs. Based on anecdotal evidence from watching—and [...]

  • International Franchise Association

iPost Joins International Franchise Association (IFA)

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SAN MATEO, CALIF., March 02, 2021 iPost email marketing platform for franchises joins International Franchise Association (IFA). iPost, an enterprise email marketing and automation provider, has joined the International Franchise Association (IFA), the world's largest membership organization for franchisors, franchisees and franchise suppliers. The decision to join the IFA is tied directly to the capabilities of the [...]

  • 5 Things That Drive Email Subscribers Crazy

5 Bad Email Practices to Avoid in 2022

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It's fair to say that none of us in email marketing are in it to annoy our subscribers with our email newsletters. We have all read articles about the top reasons why subscribers leave your email program. This article about 5 bad email practices to avoid in 2022 is no exception. In addition to [...]

  • 5 Facts About Email Copywriting—and Why It Matters

5 reasons email copywriting is different

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Email marketers & business owners usually assume email copywriting is easy. Or they assume it’s like writing any other kind of marketing copy. But they’re wrong. If you want to succeed with email marketing in 2022 and beyond, it’s time to start learning how to write killer emails. To really learn email copywriting, it [...]

Are Long Emails Bad? How Long Should an Email Be?

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Are Long Emails Bad? You Have Been Mislead. In recent years people in the email industry have led you to believe that you should stop writing long emails because email subscribers don't read long emails anymore. Email marketing strategists and thought leaders have subsequently encouraged you to write shorter emails (50 to 125 words [...]