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  • Essential Types of Email Campaigns for Marketers copy

9 Essential Types of Email Campaigns for Marketers

There are many types of email campaigns, which are a powerful way to communicate with your email list in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. Each email campaign offers a unique opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your audience, from welcoming new subscribers to nudging those almost forgotten carts across the checkout line. Let's explore nine essential email campaigns every marketer should deploy to master engagement and drive results. The Spectrum of Email Marketing Campaigns Email marketing's strength lies in its versatility, enabling businesses to engage with subscribers through various strategic avenues. From the initial welcome to rekindling interest among dormant subscribers, here's a look at the essential types of email marketing campaigns every marketer needs in [...]

  • The Perfect Welcome Series: Setting Up Your Brand and Consumers for Success

The Perfect Welcome Series: Setting Up Your Brand and Consumers for Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of email marketing, the welcome series stands as the cornerstone of a successful brand-consumer relationship. Episode 5 of Season 3 of the "Email Never Sleeps" podcast, hosted by Andrew Kordek, shines a spotlight on this pivotal aspect of email marketing. Joining him is Jennifer Hoth, an email marketing expert with over 13 years of experience, who shares her deep insights into crafting the perfect welcome series that sets both brands and consumers up for success. The Importance of a Well-Crafted Welcome Series The welcome series is more than just an introductory email; it's an opportunity to make a lasting impression, collect valuable data, and start the customer journey on the [...]

  • Email Never Sleeps Podcast 04

The Art of Casino Marketing

In the latest episode of "Email Never Sleeps," hosted by Andrew Kordek, we had the privilege of discussing the evolving marketing landscape with Scott Wolson, a seasoned expert in casino marketing. The conversation centered around a critical issue many marketers face today: the overshadowing of copy and creativity by technological advancements and artificial intelligence (AI). This blog post unpacks the key insights from their discussion, offering valuable perspectives for marketers striving to maintain creativity in an increasingly digital world. The Diminishing Role of Copy and Creative Scott Wolson brings to the table an extensive background in marketing, particularly in the vibrant atmosphere of Las Vegas. His experience highlights a significant shift in the industry: [...]

  • Maximizing Email Engagement: Insights from Monica Badiu on iPost's "Email Never Sleeps

Maximize Engagement: Pro Tips for a Successful Email List Cleanup

Welcome to another episode of "Email Never Sleeps," hosted by Andrew Kordek of iPost. In Season 3, Episode 3, we had the pleasure of hosting Monica Badiu, an esteemed email marketing copywriter and coach, from Bucharest. This episode, titled "Maximizing Engagement," delves into the crucial world of email list cleanup and the art of maintaining a responsive and healthy subscriber base. Monica Badiu: A Passionate Voice in Email Marketing Monica brings over a dozen years of diverse marketing experience, with a deep love for email marketing. Her journey through various marketing facets, from AdWords to social media, has led her to specialize in the unique and challenging world of email copywriting. At iPost, we [...]

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Foundations of Email: The Building Blocks of Saying Hello

Welcome to Season 3 of Email Never Sleeps Email Never Sleeps is the podcast where we dive deep into the essentials of email marketing. In this episode, titled "The Foundations of Email: Building Blocks of Saying Hello," join our host, Andrew Kordek, and guest, Scott Cohen, to explore the intricacies of crafting that perfect first email. With decades of combined experience in email marketing, they share valuable insights and practical tips to enhance your email marketing strategies. Important Links Check out Andrew Kordek on LinkedIn Discover more about Scott Cohen Episode Details In this insightful conversation, Andrew and Scott discuss: -The importance of the first email interaction and how to make it count. Strategies [...]

  • EmailNeverSleeps-Podcast-Cover-Website-01

Email Marketing 2024: Launching Season 3

Welcome to Season 3 of Email Never Sleeps: A New Chapter for the Email Marketing Podcast As we step into the exciting new season of "Email Never Sleeps," I can't help but look back with pride and forward with anticipation. Since our inception in 2021, our journey through the realms of email marketing has been nothing short of incredible. Our podcast, dedicated to the ever-evolving world of email marketing, has surpassed our expectations in reach and impact. Reflecting on Our Growth Our first season was a humble beginning. However, the response we received was overwhelming. In 2022, we hit almost 22,000 views, and in 2023, we soared to over 37,000. This growth is not [...]

  • Maximizing Email Marketing for the Casino and Gambling Industry in 2024

Maximizing Email Marketing for the Casino and Gambling Industry in 2024

The casino and gambling industry constantly evolves and adapts to new trends and technologies. In recent years, email marketing has become essential for businesses in this sector to reach and engage their audience. As we enter 2024, casinos and gambling businesses must stay ahead of the curve and maximize email marketing for the casino & gambling industry. In this blog post, we'll explore five tips to help you effectively utilize email marketing for your casino or gambling business in 2024, including a crucial reminder to check your Email Service Provider's Acceptable Use Policy to avoid any potential bans on email sending. Let's dive in and ensure your email marketing strategy is ready for the future of [...]

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  • Casino Email Senders Are Being Canceled

Casino Email Senders Are Being Canceled ❌

This video serves as an urgent wake-up call for casino marketers and technologists. Andrew Kordek from iPost recently attended a specialized conference focused on Casino Marketers and Technologists. He was fortunate enough to share insights from his team’s recent research. The findings are somewhat unsettling, especially if you're in the casino, sports betting, or general gambling industry.  The Startling Discovery iPost's marketing team has uncovered a list of about 36 Email Service Providers (ESPs) whose acceptable use policies specifically forbid companies engaged in gambling activities from using their platforms. See the full list here: https://www.ipost.com/casino-prohibited/ This might not sound like big news, but here’s the kicker: many ESPs categorize casinos and gambling companies alongside high-risk [...]

  • Casino Marketing: Master These 3 Emails in 2023

Casino Marketing: Master These 3 Emails in 2023

Join Andrew Kordek of iPost and special guest Mike Austin, the CEO and co-founder of Fresh Relevance, as they jump into casino marketing through email. With 40+ years of combined experience in the field, they discuss the 3 pivotal emails that every casino gaming operator, or any travel and service organization, should incorporate in their marketing strategy. From a powerfully personalized welcome email to a meticulously crafted cart abandonment sequence and a thoughtful post-visit engagement strategy, these industry experts reveal how to humanize your emails and make the most of your customer data to encourage repeat business and sustain strong relationships with your clients. Stay tuned to the end for a comprehensive breakdown of strategies, [...]

  • 36 Cloud Vendors Prohibit Services to Casino Businesses, iPost and QCI announce an exclusive relationship to provide a solution for digital communication

36 Cloud Vendors Prohibit Services to Casino Businesses, iPost and QCI announce an exclusive relationship to provide a solution for digital communication

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 4, 2023 /-- Cameron Kane, CEO at iPost, stated, "We have identified 36 email vendors explicitly excluding casinos from their platforms in their Acceptable Use Policies (AUP). Some Email Service Providers are even advising casinos to seek alternative platforms. While we respect their decisions, we firmly believe that every casino should have a reliable avenue for conducting email and SMS campaigns. We take pride in reaffirming our commitment to serving the casino and gaming industry." Andrew Cardino, CTO of QCI, shared, "One of my multi-property customers called me to say that their chosen email and text vendor would not work with a tribal nation. Upon further investigation, we were shocked to discover that 36 cloud marketing providers have prohibited provision of services to gaming companies. We [...]

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  • Legalese and Footers: Are They Necessary in Email Marketing?

Legalese and Footers: Are They Necessary in Email Marketing?

In today's episode of Email Never Sleeps, we dive deep into the world of email footers, legalese, and their impact on your email marketing campaigns. Our guest speaker, Aysha Zouain, a marketing technologist and email marketing specialist at the City National Bank of Florida, shares her insights and experiences in this fascinating discussion. In this episode of the Email Never Sleeps podcast, we explore the often-overlooked aspect of email marketing—footers. We examine the role of footers in different industries, the need for legalese, and how they can affect the overall user experience. Aysha brings her extensive knowledge from working in various sectors, including e-commerce, government, insurance, and banking, to this topic. Throughout the conversation, we [...]

  • Compelling Emails: A Visual Guide for Associations and Non-Profits

Compelling Emails: A Visual Guide for Associations and Non-Profits

Introduction An inbox is a crowded place these days. Besides the general noise and deals, subscribers are inundated with asks of all kinds from brands. Associations and Non-Profits have an even bigger task at gaining the subscriber's attention and conversion, so a solid strategy coupled with high-performing creative is essential. Compelling emails are important. Here are ten examples of Association and Non-Profit emails Email Designs that we love at iPost. Take Action Email Feeding America In America, 1 in 9 people struggle with hunger. The Feeding America network is the nations' largest domestic hunger-relief organization. When the Hunger Action Month arrived in our inbox, we immediately noticed their direct and very [...]

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