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Common Questions: New Email Service Provider (ESP Provider)

Common Questions: New Email Service Provider (ESP Provider) What is an ESP? An email service provider, ESP, is a company that allows marketers to send email campaigns to their email contact lists. ESPs are technology companies that allow businesses to build email lists and send emails. At the most basic level, an ESP provider needs to do two things store email addresses send emails. There comes a point in every ESP migration when it’s time…time to move everything over to that new email service provider. It’s a time of excitement as you look forward to the new platform. And a time of uncertainty since you don’t know what all is involved or how long [...]

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The Hidden Costs of Switching Email Service Providers (ESP)

The Hidden Costs of Switching Email Service Providers (ESP) If you’re switching email service providers, one of the questions that’s likely top of mind is, what will it cost to move from one ESP to another? Use this link if you need to know, what is an ESP? Although there are steps you can take to make the ESP migration easier, you still might not understand the real costs. Based on anecdotal evidence from watching—and helping—clients switch email service providers, both before and during their engagements with iPost, I’ve pulled together some hidden costs to consider to help you understand those real costs associated with switching ESPs. Please note: This is not a breakdown [...]

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Doing an ESP Migration? Avoid These 7 Pitfalls

Doing an ESP Migration? Avoid These 7 Pitfalls For Basic ESP Q & A, refer to this previous post for What is an ESP?. You thought going through the ESP selection process was hard? It might look like a walk in the park compared to the actual ESP migration. Moving from one ESP to another involves many different people and parts, and how well you do the migration affects how quickly you’ll be up and running with your new ESP. It’s worth doing it well! Yet it’s also fraught with potential pitfalls. At iPost, we see the after effects of ESP migration pitfalls when organizations come to us with issues such poor deliverability, inefficient processes, [...]

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Migrating to a New Enterprise ESP? 7 Tips for a Painless ESP Switch

If you’re an email marketer switching to a new enterprise ESP, you might think the hardest part was choosing that new ESP. Yes, that was a challenge, I’m sure, because you had several qualified email service providers to choose from. But the work isn’t done yet. Because now you face the migration from the old to the new ESP. That migration doesn’t have to be a painful experience, however. Here are 7 tips to help make the switch to your new enterprise ESP painless. Tip 1: Gather your data before you go.  By data, we mean your actual data (email and more), your content, your automations/logic and your past performance data. Your actual data is probably [...]

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Switching ESP Doesn’t Have to Hurt with a Guide by Your Side

Switching ESP Doesn't Have to Hurt with a Guide by Your Side As many of you know, a couple of years ago I was in Nepal with my daughter to trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp (EBC). Along the way, there were many trekkers who were going it alone without the help of a guide or Sherpa. But the Sherpas are there for a reason. They know which routes to avoid and which ones offer the easiest path. Our Sherpa, Nima, was making his 85th trek to EBC so we felt very confident that whatever obstacle we found ourselves faced with, he would help us to successfully navigate it. When it comes to making the [...]

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