Blog: Email Marketing News

Blog: Email Marketing News

How to get into the inbox at Gmail

How to get into the inbox at Gmail GMAIL IS KING. LONG LIVE THE KING! Gmail is a big deal for B2C email marketers. Gmail addresses can make up 40-80% of your list and cause headaches for marketers who need to have high inbox placement to be successful. Gmail has over 1.5 billion users, a vast email client market share, and is always innovating around the email experience while continuously improving their algorithms to determine inbox placement and delivery of your messages. They are demanding that marketers become better at email marketing, and we at iPost agree. NO SILVER BULLETS Let's be clear; there are no shortcuts or ways around the Gmail algorithm to get [...]

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Restaurant Email Marketing: Why Your Deliverability Doesn’t Rank 10 Out of 10…Yet

Restaurant Email Marketing: Why Your Deliverability Doesn’t Rank 10 Out of 10…Yet On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, how would you rank the deliverability rate of your restaurant email marketing? Deliverability often doesn’t get a 10—either in importance or performance—because many email marketers often think deliverability ends with clicking the Send button. Yet there is much more to it than that, and much to be gained by both learning more about deliverability and taking steps to continuously improve it in order to improve your restaurant email marketing. An email sent is not an email delivered Let’s start with a common misconception: the difference between emails sent and emails delivered. An [...]

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Why Your Sender Score Matters More Than Your Credit Score

Why Your Sender Score Matters More Than Your Credit Score Have you ever bought a house? Or a car? And your credit score was part of the equation that determined whether or not the sale would go through and at what rate? Officially known as a FICO score, that credit rating can be a make-or-break number for some consumers, and I know people who fret over that number and how high or low it is. In our world as email marketers, we have something similar to the credit score of the consumer world: We have the sender score. And even though it has nothing to do with debt, it has a lot to do with getting [...]

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Think You’re not a Spammer? Think Again…

Think You’re not a Spammer? Think Again… In recent years, we’ve heard of companies that are supposedly “too big to fail.” That notion is negotiable, but certainly we have companies that are not too big to fail as well as not too big to spam. If you think of spammers as never-do-wells sitting in dark, dingy basement apartments trying to trick people into buying Viagra or Costa Rica, think again. And then make sure your own email marketing is legitimate and can’t be labeled as spam. Yes, you: Make sure you’re not a spammer. “But spammers, those are bad guys, right?” Sure, you’ve got your classic types of spam, like that poor Nigerian prince who can’t [...]

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