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  • Legalese and Footers: Are They Necessary in Email Marketing?

Legalese and Footers: Are They Necessary in Email Marketing? 02 10

In today's episode of Email Never Sleeps, we dive deep into the world of email footers, legalese, and their impact on your email marketing campaigns. Our guest speaker, Aysha Zouain, a marketing technologist and email marketing specialist at the City National Bank of Florida, shares her insights and experiences in this fascinating discussion. In this episode of the Email Never Sleeps podcast, we explore the often-overlooked aspect of email marketing—footers. We examine the role of footers in different industries, the need for legalese, and how they can affect the overall user experience. Aysha brings her extensive knowledge from working in various sectors, including e-commerce, government, insurance, and banking, to this topic. Throughout the conversation, we [...]

  • Compelling Emails: A Visual Guide for Associations and Non-Profits

Compelling Emails: A Visual Guide for Associations and Non-Profits

Introduction An inbox is a crowded place these days. Besides the general noise and deals, subscribers are inundated with asks of all kinds from brands. Associations and Non-Profits have an even bigger task at gaining the subscriber's attention and conversion, so a solid strategy coupled with high-performing creative is essential. Compelling emails are important. Here are ten examples of Association and Non-Profit emails Email Designs that we love at iPost. Take Action Email Feeding America In America, 1 in 9 people struggle with hunger. The Feeding America network is the nations' largest domestic hunger-relief organization. When the Hunger Action Month arrived in our inbox, we immediately noticed their direct and very [...]

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  • iPost

QCI and iPost Set the Game in Motion: Eight Casino Resorts Engaged in Strategic Partnership

SAN DIEGO, July 18, 2023 /-- Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) and iPost's strategic partnership is off to a strong start, already engaging with eight prominent casino resorts. QCI, a leading generative AI enterprise integration platform company in the resort industry, and iPost, a premier email marketing, SMS, and automation provider in the North American gaming industry, are excited to announce their collaborative efforts. The synergy of iPost's advanced email delivery capabilities and QCI's AGI-powered enterprise platform services offers a heightened digital communication experience for the gaming and resort industry. In recognition of the early successes and potential of this partnership, QCI will work with iPost to provide an integrated digital marketing solution to its 140 Casino Resort properties across the globe. "Digital communication has [...]

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  • The 20 Do’s & Don’ts for Association Email Marketing

The 20 Do’s & Don’ts for Association Email Marketing

Introduction The biggest question that many Associations have regarding Association email marketing is, “What are the best practices I should adopt?” There are fundamental best practices such as not purchasing lists, privacy, compliance, and those that minimize risk. However, the best practices we will focus on assume that the fundamentals are in place. We will be looking at those that YOU must implement using your creativity and leveraging the experience of a vendor or a group of experienced people who have seen and done it all - the ones that incrementally will move the needle on your email marketing program. This post is written from 21 years of email experience on the client, agency, and [...]

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  • Career Growth in Email Marketing: Advice for Aspiring Professionals 02 09

Career Growth in Email Marketing: Advice for Aspiring Professionals 02 09

In episode 9 of the Email Never Sleeps podcast titled "Career Growth in Email Marketing: Advice for Aspiring Professionals," Andrew Kordek and Eric Kriegermeier engage in an insightful discussion about their journey in the email industry. Eric, the Director of Solutions Engineering at Shaw/Scott, shared his experience and valuable advice for those looking to thrive in the field. This blog post delves into their conversation, highlighting key takeaways and shedding light on career growth in the email marketing industry. Getting Started and Staying Motivated: Andrew started the discussion by asking Eric about his background and how he entered the email marketing industry. Eric shared that his journey began with opening a gym in Atlanta in [...]

  • Pros and Cons of Using AI for Email Writing

Pros and Cons of Using AI for Email Writing

AI for email writing has become insanely popular in 2023. AI technologies can automate the creating and sending of emails process. They also provide helpful insights into how to improve the effectiveness of emails. While AI has many advantages for email writing, there are also potential drawbacks. This blog will discuss the good and bad things about using AI to write emails so you can decide if it's good for your business. What is AI email writing? According to TechTarget, Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Artificial Intelligence (AI) email writing refers to using advanced computer programs and algorithms to write email messages on behalf of human beings. [...]

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  • iPost Field Manual For Better Franchise Email

Field Manual For Better Franchise Email Marketing

Introduction If you are a marketer inside a franchise organization, email marketing for franchise is an effective and cost-efficient way to connect with current and future customers. While most consumers love to hate email and claim that they get too much, they are addicted to it. People check email while driving, in bed, on vacation, in the bathroom, and even at the dinner table. Consumer content consumption continues to rise, but retention and patience are decreasing. Email is here to stay despite what some critics think, but email marketing is hard and gets more complex as the channel evolves. A well-run franchise email program drives incremental value and influences revenue, and it doesn't matter if [...]

  • Email Challenges Video Series

Do Fonts Matter in Email? 452 Email Gurus Polled, Results Video

A poll on LinkedIn's Email Gurus group asked whether the average subscriber cares about font choice in emails, landing pages, and preference centers. Comments from participants highlighted the importance of consistent branding and elements for premium brands, as well as focusing on readability and matching the brand. Join the Group.  With over 18K impressions and 450 votes, the results were surprising! Check out our post to see what people had to say, and don't forget to vote for our next poll! This video is sponsored by iPost and Vertex Communication Group Andrew Kordek & Jennifer Swafford. Special thank you to the Email Marketing Gurus LinkedIn group for allowing us to post the poll. NOTE: Our [...]

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  • Economic Impact of Email Testing

The Economic Impact of Email Testing 2023

Introduction “Just test it” is a phrase that all email marketers have heard one too many times. Every conference, every vendor, and every thought leader has pushed the idea of email testing for years. Yet, some studies in the past show that 20%-40% of marketers do not perform any email testing regularly. Regularly means that you are, at the very least, testing one element on at least 60% of all your email sends. These regular tests can be one-offs, such as subject lines, or something more substantial in time, such as messaging or creative elements. If you don’t have a plan to test regularly, your organization might be missing out on a few critical areas for [...]

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  • Casino Email Marketing Automation Journey with 5X ROAS

Casino Email Marketing Automation Journey with 5X ROAS

Are you a casino marketer looking to maximize your digital and email programs to increase revenue? If so, you've come to the right place! This blog post will explore a casino email marketing automation journey with 5X ROAS and game-changing strategies that can revolutionize your casino's email marketing efforts. Andrew Kordek, from iPost, will guide you through six key areas crucial for email program success. So, let's dive in and discover how to take your casino's email marketing to new heights. Increasing Wallet Share: Every casino aims to maximize customer spending. This section will explore numerous techniques to accomplish this goal. From personalized offers to loyalty rewards, we'll discuss strategies to increase wallet share effectively. [...]

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  • Finding a Job You Love in Email Marketing with Tony Zupancic

Finding a Job You Love in Email Marketing with Tony Zupancic

If you're new to email marketing or struggling to find a job you love in email marketing, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll delve into an exciting episode of Email Never Sleeps featuring Tony Zupancic, a Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer with over six years of experience in the email marketing industry.  Tony's journey from being a photographer and graphic designer to becoming an email marketing automation and software development expert is truly inspiring. Join us as we explore Tony's career trajectory and the valuable insights he shares for aspiring marketing technologists and technical marketers. There is a great article titled How To Escape a Job You Hate and Find a [...]

  • Email Never Sleeps Season 2 Episode 7

Email Marketing Mastery: The Art of Defining Success in Email

Email marketing is a powerful tool that can yield exceptional results when executed strategically. Defining success in your email campaigns is crucial to reach email marketing mastery.  In this post, we will explore the critical aspects of defining success in email marketing and how to leverage them for optimal results. By focusing on the customer experience, utilizing data effectively, and fostering curiosity, you can unlock the true potential of your email marketing efforts. Defining Success in Email Customer-Centric Approach  A customer-centric approach lies at the heart of successful email marketing. Understanding your customers' experiences, challenges, and needs is essential for delivering valuable and relevant emails. Put yourself in their shoes and analyze their journey with [...]

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