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Blog: Email Marketing News

Blog: Email Marketing News

Here’s the Fastest Way to Improve Your Email Results–Starting Right Now

Here’s the Fastest Way to Improve Your Email Results-Starting Right Now Quick! What’s the best way to improve your email marketing right now? Grow your list? Send more emails? Change vendors? Use emojis in your subject line? The answer is…none of the above. Because the reality is, the best way to improve right now is with your words. Your email copywriting is something you can improve today to drive higher open rates, CTRs and ROI. Look at your own inbox: How many marketing emails stand out and get your attention, pique your interest, and compel you to act? Not many, right? And that’s your opportunity, your competitive edge, when you learn to do content better [...]

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The Reticent Subscribers

The Reticent Subscribers Whether the number of subscribers in your list is 5,000 or 15,000,000, there is a lurking set of email addresses that no one wants to talk about it. These email addresses can be a gold mine or a sinkhole into an inferno, and believe it or not, you, as an email marketer, can control at least part of where they end up. THE RETICENTS Reticent subscribers are the quiet ones that you have no idea what they are thinking about your brand's email program. These subscribers are people who have signed up, engaged, and have potentially converted. They remain on your list because you keep sending to them with the hopes that [...]

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Top Subject Lines in September

Top Subject Lines in September At iPost, we get many emails, and by many, I mean we get a ton. We are always looking at how the market is shifting not only in design but the frequency, messaging, testing, and, most importantly, subject lines. As you may know, a well-crafted subject line can enhance the email's opportunity for subscriber engagement. There are hundreds of blog posts around how to write and test subject lines, so rather than educate, we thought it would be more entertaining to show you the iPost top 10 subject lines that landed in our inboxes in September. It's time for $6 Fri-YAY deals! - Chi-VOTE-le Tees: Scan. Register. Vote. - [...]

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Frequency Matters

Frequency Matters Sending too much email to subscribers can increase unsubscribes, spam complaints, and generally annoy the people on your list. However, not sending enough can be an even greater risk. Here are a few ways where under mailing can hurt: Deliverability to the inbox is tied to the sender's reputation. If you don't mail regularly, your reputation is unknown and can lead to pretty erratic deliverability issues. When those issues happen, it's hard to mitigate because the ISP's don't know who you are. If you are erratic in your sending practices and under-mail, you run the risk of your subscribers forgetting who you are. That, in turn, can lead to them questioning if they [...]

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The Value of Unopened Email

The Value of Unopened Email Unopened Emails Don't Suck. Email Marketers live for open rates. They make us feel good and provide a directional metric on the performance of the campaign. While we all want every single email opened and engaged with, the reality is that it will never happen. However, an unopened email does provide a fair amount of value to the programs we run. Embrace The Unopened. First, subscribers who delete an unopened email are exposed to your brand via the From line. Exposure like this can keep your company tangentially top of mind and might even prompt them to engage with you in offline or other channels such as your site or [...]

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A new email: The Re-Welcome Email

A new email: The Re-Welcome Email THE NEW DORMANTS I would like to introduce you to Sara and Bob, the new dormants. They are subscribers you acquired several months ago via an aggressive and expensive digital campaign. We have several points of valuable data on Sara and Bob that were captured during the sign-up process and have been sending them 3 emails a week for months. The problem is that they have not converted. In fact, they haven't engaged in the email program for 9 weeks despite our amazing creative and offers. The new dormants are subscribers who have signed up in the last 3-9 months and have not converted, and their email engagement [...]

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Making Email Fun

Making Email Fun I am not afraid to admit it, I love email marketing. I love email so much that the picture of the license plate above is mine. I have spent the last 20 years of my career in email marketing, making it fun for brands that I have worked with and for. THE FUN "It was August 19th, 2010, at 4:30 am when I arrived at the Groupon offices on the Near North Side of Chicago that I knew something big was going to happen.   That day was when Groupon offered the $25 for $50 for the Gap, and the email sends were set to start at around 5:00 am local for [...]

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Industry veteran Andrew Kordek joins iPost as VP, Customer Engagement

Industry veteran Andrew Kordek joins iPost as VP, Customer Engagement SAN MATEO, CALIF., August 19, 2020 iPost, an enterprise email marketing and automation provider, announced today the appointment of Andrew Kordek as VP, Customer Engagement. In his new role, Andrew will be responsible for taking iPost’s Services and industry leading Customer Support to a new level. With over two decades of experience including growing a services organization to over 200 employees, Andrew comes with a unique mix of ‘off the charts’ enthusiasm and experience. Andrew has been in the digital marketing space for over 20 years and is also a well-revered blogger. A data-driven and innovative marketer, Andrew advocates for the subscriber and provides valuable insight for long-term [...]

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The Best Email Subject Lines – Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

The Best Email Subject Lines - Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes The best email subject lines are the ones that get your emails opened. The subject line is not the first thing your recipient looks at. That’s the From name. But after that, the subject line is going to get your subscriber to open your email—or not. Research finds 47% of recipients open an email based on the subject line. That’s almost half of the names on your list who will make a decision to open your email or ignore it based solely on the subject line. And if your email doesn’t get opened, what’s the point of sending it? Without an open, your [...]

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Even an Enterprise Email Marketing Platform Can Lead to Overindulgence in Emailing

Even an Enterprise Email Marketing Platform Can Lead to Overindulgence in Emailing Although having the option to telecommute during the pandemic is a blessing, it seems our working from home has led to weight gain. Our scales are showing the effects of the extra food and alcohol consumed while staying home, and people now refer to their pandemic pounds and the quarantine 15. We have fattened our curves while flattening the curve. The extra calories are understandable. We’ve been stressed out, seeking comfort and baking bread. We’ve found solace in the kitchen, but our waistlines have paid a price. And that’s the nice thing about weight gain, right? You can see the direct correlation between [...]

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Why an Enterprise Email Marketing Software Solution Alone Is not Enough for Email ROI

Why an Enterprise Email Marketing Software Solution Alone Is not Enough for Email ROI If you’ve invested in an enterprise email marketing software solution as a better fit for your increasingly complex email marketing needs, you’re probably taking advantage of many of the features now available to you. But that software alone is not enough to generate the higher email ROI you seek. You must still work your way through the stages required for each individual customer, to get your emails delivered, opened and acted upon. No, beyond the enterprise ESP, you still need the content that leads to the relevance then engagement then deliverability then inbox placement and then, finally, the ROI. Start [...]

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Email Marketing for Restaurants Improves with Email Segmentation

Email Marketing for Restaurants Improves with Email Segmentation Email marketing for restaurants—it’s a numbers game. But they have to be the right numbers in the right sequence. Improving email ROI for your restaurant isn’t about simply upping the numbers, meaning getting more names on your list so you can send more email and therefore drive more customers to your business. No, improving the ROI of email marketing for restaurants requires increasing the segments you send to, not the total number of emails on your list. Instead of increasing your list by 1,000 names per month, segmenting means increasing the number of segments you send to, breaking down your one big list into smaller groups [...]

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