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Blog: Email Marketing News

Blog: Email Marketing News

Purging Your Subscribers

Purging Your Subscribers Check your marketing ego at the door, people, because at some point in your email career, you will be faced with the decision to purge subscribers from your program. Purging means that you take a pre-defined segment of subscribers and remove them from your sendable database. Here, the operative term is "pre-defined," which means that you need to agree on what parameters make up the need to kick the subscribers to the curb. DEFINING THE SEGMENT Let's be clear; there is no definitive definition or best practice that makes up how you should determine who on your list should be purged. It can be one or a combination of the following: Email [...]

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Take Your Transactional Emails from Dull to Dynamic

Take Your Transactional Emails from Dull to Dynamic You already know transactional emails get a much higher open rate than other marketing emails—from 40% to 85% higher depending on the source you turn to. You probably also know that’s rarely because they’re compelling and interesting. Nope, they’re usually boring. They are literally transactional. Yet people open them. Why? The high open rate happens because these emails are expected. I order something, and then I get an email confirming I ordered it. Then another when it ships. As a typical consumer, I look for these emails so I can track my purchases and know when they’ll arrive. As an email copywriter, I dread these emails because [...]

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iPost Joins American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)

iPost Joins American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) SAN MATEO, CALIF., April 06, 2021 iPost, an enterprise email marketing and automation provider, has joined the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). ASAE is a membership organization of more than 48,000 association executives and industry partners representing 7,400 organizations. Their members lead, manage, and work in or partner with organizations in more than a dozen association management disciplines, from executive management to finance to technology. “We joined the ASAE because an association’s email needs are similar to those of franchises, an industry iPost serves particularly well,” says Andrew Kordek, VP of Customer Engagement at iPost. “Most larger associations have multiple locations, like state or county chapters, so the iPost capabilities [...]

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DMARC What is it and why you should care

DMARC What is it and why you should care WHAT IS IT? DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance) is an email validation system designed to protect your organization's email domain from spoofing and phishing scams. It uses your existing email authentication protocols such as SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) to determine your email message's authenticity. It adds an essential piece of functionality of reports back to the domain owner, who can then decide who is sending email on their behalf. In a nutshell, DMARC adds a level of certainty on whether an email is legit and that it has originated from your domain and essentially acts like a security [...]

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The Most Important Email For Franchises

The Most Important Email For Franchises If you are a franchise email marketer, you undoubtedly have many things to do, but I highly encourage you to stop what you are doing for the next 3-5 minutes to read this post. It doesn't matter what type of franchise email marketer you are, only that you have influence or decision-making capabilities for your program. I want you to think about the second email that is sent to your subscribers and answer the following five questions: What the purpose of the email? Why should the recipient care? Does the email serve to educate or provide value to them or your brand? Does the email provide a clear and [...]

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Chapter 1: Don’t obsess over benchmark studies, but do obsess over making your benchmarks.

Chapter 1: Don't obsess over benchmark studies, but do obsess over making your benchmarks. Welcome to a new series at iPost called "Don't do this, do that.", where some of the best minds in email marketing will use dozens of years of both client, agency, and ESP experience to guide you the email marketer with pragmatic advice. Chapter 1: It seems like you cannot go a quarter without hearing from a variety of vendors around their benchmark studies for email engagement. Typically, these studies are used as lead generation for their sales teams because we as marketers are obsessed with numbers and, more importantly, are curious as to how we compare to others. The enormous [...]

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Common Questions When Moving to New ESP

Common Questions When Moving to New ESP ESP Migration Coming Soon? Get Ready for the Questions with This Advice! There comes a point in every ESP migration when it’s time…time to move everything over to that new email service provider. It’s a time of excitement as you look forward to the new platform. And a time of uncertainty since you don’t know what all is involved or how long it will take. Which leads to questions…lots of questions. To help you prepare to field the questions you get from others—or even ask yourself—let’s consider two common ESP migration questions, bearing in mind we must first define the terms within the questions in order to arrive at their [...]

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The Hidden Costs of Switching Email Service Providers

The Hidden Costs of Switching Email Service Providers If you’re switching email service providers, one of the questions that’s likely top of mind is, what will it cost to move from one ESP to another? Although there are steps you can take to make the ESP migration easier, you still might not understand the real costs. Based on anecdotal evidence from watching—and helping—clients switch email service providers, both before and during their engagements with iPost, I’ve pulled together some hidden costs to consider to help you understand those real costs associated with switching ESPs. Please note: This is not a breakdown of the costs of switching email service providers, nor a guide to figuring out [...]

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iPost Joins International Franchise Association

iPost Joins International Franchise Association SAN MATEO, CALIF., March 02, 2021 iPost, an enterprise email marketing and automation provider, has joined the International Franchise Association (IFA), the world's largest membership organization for franchisors, franchisees and franchise suppliers. The decision to join the IFA is tied directly to the capabilities of the iPost platform. “We joined the IFA not because we plan to franchise, but because our platform works so exceedingly well for franchise businesses,” says Cameron Kane, iPost CEO. “Being part of a vibrant organization like the IFA helps us connect to those franchises that can benefit greatly from the iPost email marketing platform.” It is a competitive marketing environment, with consumers constantly bombarded by advertising, email, and social [...]

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5 Things That Drive Email Subscribers Crazy

5 Things That Drive Email Subscribers Crazy I think it's fair to say that none of us in email marketing are in it to annoy our subscribers. We have all read articles about the top reasons why subscribers leave your email program. In addition to frequency and lack of personalization in emails, some things just flat out drive people nuts. They may be things that you don't intentionally do, but they are things nonetheless. I hope you will take inventory of your program and see if these five things impact your engagement in any way. #1 POOR SIGN-UP EXPERIENCE Imagine you have been invited to a fabulous party where tons of exciting guests will be [...]

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Doing an ESP Migration? Avoid These 7 Pitfalls

Doing an ESP Migration? Avoid These 7 Pitfalls You thought going through the ESP selection process was hard? It might look like a walk in the park compared to the actual ESP migration. Moving from one ESP to another involves many different people and parts, and how well you do the migration affects how quickly you’ll be up and running with your new ESP. It’s worth doing it well! Yet it’s also fraught with potential pitfalls. At iPost, we see the aftereffects of ESP migration pitfalls when organizations come to us with issues such poor deliverability, inefficient processes, or lack of insight into how to take advantage of all their data. That’s why we’ve summed [...]

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5 Reasons Why Email Copywriting Is Harder than You Think—and Why It Matters

5 Reasons Why Email Copywriting Is Harder than You Think—and Why It Matters Many marketers assume email copywriting is easy. Or they assume it’s like writing any other kind of marketing copy. But they’re wrong. Writing marketing emails is hard, and it’s not like other copywriting. Why? Email copywriting differs from other marketing content for these five reasons: Reason 1: Because you are showing up in someone’s email inbox. Showing up in their inbox or on their phone is much more personal and direct than other types of marketing, including paid search, social media, direct mail, print advertising or TV commercials. And it therefore puts the burden on you to make the most of this [...]

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