Travel and Leisure Direct Marketing: Engaging Subscribers with Email Enticements

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For travel and leisure direct marketing initiatives, email is the perennial top performer – it consistently delivers on revenue and ROI, demonstrating over and over again that no other channel can beat its effectiveness. Unfortunately, many travel and leisure marketers fail to fully capitalize on the channel’s potential with respect to direct marketing.

Years ago, travel and leisure marketers relied heavily on direct mail marketing – glossy brochures and postcards delivered in the snail mail box with enticing offers to call and make a reservation. With the advent of email marketing, direct marketing companies were presented with not only a new, highly profitable way to reach customers but also the chance to eliminate the hassle, expense and waste associated with printing and postage.

The benefits of email marketing extend far beyond cost savings, and reaping the rewards of those benefits hinges on the quality of the email marketing strategy. How can travel and leisure direct marketers fully leverage the potential of email marketing? Read more ›

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The Future of B2B Email Marketing: Deconstructing the Data Behind Predictive Analytics

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Many companies leverage email analytics to improve email campaign performance – over time, it’s become an essential component of all sophisticated email campaign services solutions.  By studying open rates, click-through, conversion and more, organizations have gathered valuable insight around key drivers of email campaign success. While traditional email analytics center on historical analysis to inform future decisions, predictive analytics empower email marketers to proactively design an email campaign based on what subscribers will likely do in the future and in the here-and-now.

How do predictive analytics work?

It starts with assembling customer data from multiple sources and consolidating it into rich customer profiles that are then stored in a database against which email marketers can run predictive queries and models. For efficacy purposes, the quality of the data is critical.

Most email campaign software solutions collect two types of information – subscriber attributes and behaviors.  Subscriber attributes include things like employer, job title, academic degrees and other characteristics that build the objective framework of the individual subscriber profiles.

In addition to personal information collected on subscribers, savvy B2B email marketers overlay threads of information about their employers, including employee headcount, job openings, and web presence. Taking it one step further, some leverage not only “firmographics” which are essentially fixed characteristics of an organization – not only things like industry, location, and technologies but also dynamic company attributes like new investment, management change and office openings.

This information is particularly useful with respect to early-stage lead qualification, monitoring late stage sales developments and managing customer success.

By contrast, behavioral data tracks how a given subscriber interacts with the company – for instance, what emails are opened, what offers are clicked-through, what portions of the website are browsed and what materials are downloaded. These interactions provide invaluable insight into key areas of interest for lead cultivation and effective account management.

When B2B email marketers correlate personal attributes, company characteristics, and behavioral data, they can run predictive analytics models that can assess not only what will interest a subscriber at any given point but also which subscribers are on the cusp of conversion or upsell based on their fully dimensional profile. This allows B2B marketers to hone in on ripe targets during the critical window of opportunity when they’re most likely to be receptive.

Building strong relationships with customers and prospects sits at the heart of effective B2B email marketing.  And, to successfully build these relationships, it’s important to understand not only the proclivities and interests of the individual subscriber but also the context around the subscriber’s role in the vetting and decision making process.  Organizational characteristics – both static and fluid – are another key driver of receptivity. And, once initial conversion occurs, B2B marketers can further leverage predictive analytics to boost retention, up-sell and cross-sell programs.

Successful B2B email marketing programs are all about the combination of managing subscriber relationships and striking while the iron is hot to secure conversion and upsell.  Predictive analytics fuels this effort, and this is why it’s the wave of the future for B2B email marketing.

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Want Lower Email Campaign Costs and Better Results? Automation Is the Answer.

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According to the DMA’s National Client Email Survey 2014, more than half of client-side email marketers plan to increase their spending as email campaign ROI has now reached 2,500%.  It’s a staggering number, and to understand this statistic in context, it’s helpful to look at the drivers behind it, and – more specifically – ways to both lower email campaign costs to boost profitability and leverage sophisticated software capabilities for topline growth.

Email marketing campaigns that are delivering results of this magnitude are leveraging email campaign software that automates success. And, running campaigns without a fully featured solution in place essentially translates into both higher costs and dollars left on the table. Read more ›

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Email Response Rates: Successfully Conquering Conversion Hurdles

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Several months ago Econsultancy released their 2014 Email Marketing Industry Census and reported that email continues to rank as the best channel on “return on investment,” posting a 28% revenue increase on average for email marketing programs year-over-year. What is driving these favorable email response rates?

Open Rates

Email campaign open rates have jumped considerably, with industry experts citing an increase of around 30% over last year. How should email marketers interpret the significant movement on this metric? Read more ›

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The Political Email Blast: How the Drama Drench Derails Donations

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Political candidates and causes live and die on donor contributions, and successfully soliciting donations serves as the lifeblood for any successful campaign. Because email marketing is so efficient, inexpensive, and easy to execute, it’s become a critical component of the fundraising strategy for political campaigns across the board. Hence the proliferation of the political campaign email blast tactic.

The itchiness around reaching the donation quota drives campaign staffers crazy – and at the end of each month, the gauntlet falls. This is because in an election year – like this one – the Federal Election Commission tallies donations monthly for parties and quarterly for specific campaigns. Subsequently, candidates are anxious to post impressive numbers as an indication of momentum and strength.

So they embark on creating an email marketing campaign which essentially becomes an email blast because they don’t have the right email campaign software in place. The problem with the email blast approach is that there’s no segmentation or targeting. And, compounding the problem, when you only communicate with email recipients at the end of the month begging for funds, you come off as desperate and annoying. Read more ›

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Driving Customer Acquisition: Lead Nurturing Strategies that Convert Prospects to Customers

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Most companies running email marketing programs are leveraging a variety of lead generation techniques to grow their prospect pool – banner advertising, website registration, content marketing and more. While growing the list of prospects is a critical first step, the value of a prospect isn’t realized until it converts – this is why lead nurturing strategies that drive customer acquisition are so important.

When you consider the cost of customer acquisition, a customer acquisition strategy focused on driving leads through the conversion funnel is clearly critical. Conversion doesn’t happen instantaneously – the path is paved with a variety of customer touch points that build affinity over time.

What are the most effective lead nurturing strategies that convert prospects into customers? Read more ›

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HIPAA Dental Compliant Email Marketing for Care Providers

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Everyone knows that they they’re supposed to visit the dentist regularly.  However, many folks don’t – they wait until there’s an acute problem before they pick up the phone and make an appointment. People avoid the dentist for a wide of host of reasons – fear, expense, inconvenience, and a perceived lack of urgency. Savvy care providers know this well and are reaping the benefits of electronic communication with patients as a way to improve the patient experience and encourage regular visits.

Despite the clear benefits of electronic communication with patients, many care providers shy away from email due to dental office HIPAA compliance concerns. How can care providers best leverage HIPAA dental compliant email marketing to improve the patient experience and boost the quality of care? Read more ›

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