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  • What Are The Reticent Subscribers

What Are The Reticent Subscribers

Whether the number of email subscribers in your email list is 5,000 or 15,000,000, there is a lurking set of email addresses that no one wants to talk about it. They are Reticent Subscribers. These email addresses can be a gold mine or a sinkhole. Believe it or not, you, as an email marketer, can control at least part of where they end up. First things first, the Merriam-Webster reticent definition: reticent adjective ret·​i·​cent | \ ˈre-tə-sənt  \ Definition of reticent 1: inclined to be silent or uncommunicative in speech. Reticent Subscribers Reticent subscribers are the quiet ones that you have no idea what they are thinking about your brand's email program. These subscribers are people who have signed up, engaged, and [...]

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  • Frequency Matters

What You Need to Know About Email Frequency

Sending too much email to subscribers can increase unsubscribes, spam complaints, and generally annoy the people on your list. However, not sending enough can be an even greater risk. Best Tip: Watch your email frequency & follow our 9 Email Marketing Trends. Why Email Frequency Matters: When you send too much, recipients are more likely to not want to see your messages anymore. More and more people unsubscribe which results in diminishing returns for your email marketing strategy. When that happens, it’s hard (and expensive) to get back into their email inboxes. And if you send too little email, you may be missing out on revenue or referrals. The key is to understand what a customer [...]

  • The Value of Unopened Email

The Value of Unopened Email

Unopened Emails Don't Suck. Email Marketers live for open rates. They make us feel good and provide a directional metric on the performance of the campaign. While we all want every single email opened and engaged with, the reality is that it will never happen. However, an unopened email does provide a fair amount of value to the programs we run. Embrace The Unopened Emails in Your Email Campaigns Part 1: Deleted Unopened Emails in Email Campaigns Subscribers who delete an unopened email are exposed to your brand via the From line. Exposure like this can keep your company tangentially top of mind and might even prompt them to engage with you in offline or other [...]

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  • Introducing a New Email Campaign Type: Re-Welcome Email

Introducing a New Email Campaign Type: Re-Welcome Email

THE NEW DORMANTS: I would like to introduce you to Sara and Bob, the new dormants. They are email subscribers you acquired several months ago via an aggressive and expensive digital marketing campaign. We have several points of valuable data on Sara and Bob that were captured during the sign-up process and have been sending them 3 emails a week for months. The problem is that they have not converted. In fact, they haven't engaged with your email program for 9 weeks despite our amazing creative and offers. The new dormants are subscribers who have signed up in the last 3-9 months to email marketing campaigns and have not converted, and their email engagement has gradually [...]

  • How to Be a Trusted Partner

How to Be a Trusted Partner

In business school, aspiring marketers are taught to focus on customer acquisition and customer retention, meaning loyalty. But without establishing trust, there is little chance of loyalty or repeat customers. Trust is the most overlooked—and possibly most important—factor when it comes to customer retention. Trust is not something to be gained from a single marketing technique or data point. Trust is earned! Trust between organizations or people comes from a relationship and it builds over time, with every interaction and touchpoint. Your goal is to become that trusted partner. You want your business to be more than just another vendor. What makes someone a trusted partner? A trusted partner is someone you can bounce ideas off, [...]

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  • How to Win Back Lost Customers Using Email

How to Win Back Lost Customers Using Email

Building a solid subscriber list is hard. Keeping a subscriber engaged is even harder. No matter how hard we work to get people to sign up for our email lists, subscriber attrition and abandoned carts are an ongoing challenge for email marketers. Customers abandon email programs for a variety of reasons. They might experience a life or job change that makes a brand irrelevant. They might suffer from list fatigue. They might be over-subscribed and getting too many emails from too many brands. We can’t know the reasons, so we must put programs in place to decrease attrition and minimize its impact on revenues. Automated win-back Automated win-back email or re-engagement programs provide a cost-effective way [...]

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  • iPost Receives SOC 2 Type

iPost Receives SOC 2 Type I Attestation – Independent Audit Verifies iPost’s Internal Controls and Processes

SAN MATEO, CALIF. (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 12, 2019 iPost, an email marketing platform, announced that it has completed its SOC 2 Type I audit. This attestation provides evidence that iPost has a strong commitment to deliver high quality services to its clients by demonstrating they have the necessary internal controls and processes in place. SOC 2 engagements are based on the AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria. SOC 2 audit reports focus on a service organization’s non-financial reporting controls as they relate to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of a system. KirkpatrickPrice’s audit report verifies the suitability of the design of iPost’s controls to meet the standards for these criteria. “We saw so many companies in our space riding on the [...]

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  • Defining—and Engaging—the Unengaged Subscriber

Defining—and Engaging—the Unengaged Subscriber

How are you treating the unengaged subscribers on your email list? These inactive subscribers are still on your list so potentially have value. But they obviously aren’t responding to your email marketing the way you’d like. What can you do? First off, let’s define an unengaged subscriber, otherwise known as email non-responders. What is an email non-responder? In short, it a recipient who is not opening your email, or someone who is not clicking any of the links inside the email. Couple that with the factor of time. Over what period of time are they not opening or clicking? For some brands, 12-18 months is the appropriate window of time to measure this. To me, to [...]

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  • Realize the Value of Relevance to Get More Email Opens

Realize the Value of Relevance to Get More Email Opens

Think of the last time you didn't read your email for a day or so. When you did check, your inbox was probably filled with both opt-in messages as well as some junk email. Let's focus on those emails you opted in to receive, the ones from brands you had explicitly given permission to send you content. From the email marketer's perspective, when trying to get more email opens, there are multiple things you need to consider. The First & Second Things in Your Email Box Affects Email Opens: When you look at your inbox, the first thing you see is who sent the email message and next is the email subject line. Based on those two [...]

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