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  • Enterprise Email Marketing Software & Good Strategy = Email ROI

Enterprise Email Marketing Software & Good Strategy = Email ROI

If you’ve invested in an enterprise email marketing software solution as a better fit for your increasingly complex email marketing needs, you’re probably taking advantage of many of the email marketing tools now available to you. Hopefully, your email service provider is also providing helpful email marketing tips. But that software alone is not enough to generate the higher email ROI you seek. You must still develop your email marketing strategy and work your way through the stages required for each individual customer to get your emails delivered, opened, and acted upon. Beyond the enterprise ESP, you still need: Content Relevance Engagement Deliverability Inbox placement Finally... Email ROI Targeted Emails Start with Good Content If your [...]

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  • Migrating to a New Enterprise ESP? 7 Tips for a Painless Switch

Migrating to a New Enterprise ESP? 7 Tips for a Painless ESP Switch

If you’re an email marketer switching to a new enterprise ESP, you might think the hardest part was choosing that new ESP. Yes, that was a challenge, I’m sure, because you had several qualified email service providers to choose from. But the work isn’t done yet. Because now you face the migration from the old to the new ESP. That migration doesn’t have to be a painful experience, however. Here are 7 tips to help make the switch to your new enterprise ESP painless. Tip 1: Gather your data before you go.  By data, we mean your actual data (email and more), your content, your automations/logic and your past performance data. Your actual data is probably [...]

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  • Segment Your Audience Based on Behavioral Data

Segment Your Audience Based on Behavioral Data

As an email marketer, you’re probably segmenting your audiences, but are you segmenting based on online behavioral data? If not, you are missing out on lost revenue. And you’re spending more money than you need to with your enterprise ESP. Behavioral segmentation can help you improve opens and click through open rates (CTORs) as well as enhance the overall customer journey and increase your inbox placement rate. It can lead to additional subscriber engagement and loyalty. Use your enterprise ESP to Capture Behavioral Data Points Behavioral data is data that tells you more. And when you identify which of your subscribers go beyond just opening and clicking, you can take the next step to send that [...]

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  • How to Be a Trusted Partner

How to Be a Trusted Partner

In business school, aspiring marketers are taught to focus on customer acquisition and customer retention, meaning loyalty. But without establishing trust, there is little chance of loyalty or repeat customers. Trust is the most overlooked—and possibly most important—factor when it comes to customer retention. Trust is not something to be gained from a single marketing technique or data point. Trust is earned! Trust between organizations or people comes from a relationship and it builds over time, with every interaction and touchpoint. Your goal is to become that trusted partner. You want your business to be more than just another vendor. What makes someone a trusted partner? A trusted partner is someone you can bounce ideas off, [...]

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  • How to Win Back Lost Customers Using Email

How to Win Back Lost Customers Using Email

Building a solid subscriber list is hard. Keeping a subscriber engaged is even harder. No matter how hard we work to get people to sign up for our email lists, subscriber attrition and abandoned carts are an ongoing challenge for email marketers. Customers abandon email programs for a variety of reasons. They might experience a life or job change that makes a brand irrelevant. They might suffer from list fatigue. They might be over-subscribed and getting too many emails from too many brands. We can’t know the reasons, so we must put programs in place to decrease attrition and minimize its impact on revenues. Automated win-back Automated win-back email or re-engagement programs provide a cost-effective way [...]

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  • 4 Tips for Email Automation Success

4 Tips for Email Automation Success

From the perfectly timed follow-up email to the maddeningly unnecessary daily reminder, sending automated emails can be paradise or purgatory. Think about it. For every wonderfully executed welcome series you receive, you get twice as many cringe-worthy marketing emails. These four tips will help you create automated email campaigns that produce results. 1. Monitor campaign performance and adjust accordingly Some of the biggest email blunders happen when a marketer takes the time to create an automation campaign series, sets the parameters and turns on the workflow just to walk away and forget about it. When this happens, there are no evaluations of effectiveness, no repositioning, and no opportunities for adjustments. Checking (and rechecking) the health of [...]

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  • iPost Receives SOC 2 Type

iPost Receives SOC 2 Type I Attestation – Independent Audit Verifies iPost’s Internal Controls and Processes

SAN MATEO, CALIF. (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 12, 2019 iPost, an email marketing platform, announced that it has completed its SOC 2 Type I audit. This attestation provides evidence that iPost has a strong commitment to deliver high quality services to its clients by demonstrating they have the necessary internal controls and processes in place. SOC 2 engagements are based on the AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria. SOC 2 audit reports focus on a service organization’s non-financial reporting controls as they relate to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of a system. KirkpatrickPrice’s audit report verifies the suitability of the design of iPost’s controls to meet the standards for these criteria. “We saw so many companies in our space riding on the [...]

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  • Defining—and Engaging—the Unengaged Subscriber

Defining—and Engaging—the Unengaged Subscriber

How are you treating the unengaged subscribers on your email list? These inactive subscribers are still on your list so potentially have value. But they obviously aren’t responding to your email marketing the way you’d like. What can you do? First off, let’s define an unengaged subscriber, otherwise known as email non-responders. What is an email non-responder? In short, it a recipient who is not opening your email, or someone who is not clicking any of the links inside the email. Couple that with the factor of time. Over what period of time are they not opening or clicking? For some brands, 12-18 months is the appropriate window of time to measure this. To me, to [...]

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  • Realize the Value of Relevance to Get More Email Opens

Realize the Value of Relevance to Get More Email Opens

Think of the last time you didn't read your email for a day or so. When you did check, your inbox was probably filled with both opt-in messages as well as some junk email. Let's focus on those emails you opted in to receive, the ones from brands you had explicitly given permission to send you content. From the email marketer's perspective, when trying to get more email opens, there are multiple things you need to consider. The First & Second Things in Your Email Box Affects Email Opens: When you look at your inbox, the first thing you see is who sent the email message and next is the email subject line. Based on those two [...]

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  • The Importance of the Welcome Email

The Importance of the Welcome Email

As an email marketer, you need to pay close attention when sending a welcome email. Remember, the welcome series is the first email content your email subscribers will have with your business. Making sure that interaction is relevant and meaningful is critical to the lifetime value of that subscriber. Pro Tip: To make sure your welcome email is effective, ask yourself: Does the first email come right away? Does it say thank you for subscribing? Does it use the subscriber’s first name? Does it look nice? Does it render properly across browsers and/or mobile devices? Do you believe the message builds trust? Does it make your new subscriber feel good about your organization and validate their [...]

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  • Managing Data: Making sense of features that help

Managing Data: Making sense of features that help

iPost wrote a Whitepaper  “Email Marketing Maturity Model:  From Bait Shop to Revolutionary” recently striving to help marketers think about the relative stages of maturity for an email marketer. One of the most important considerations when looking at your maturity is how you look at creating actionable segments and ultimately how you operate within those data sets. Below are a few not so often talked about segmentation types that can help your email marketing program: Active Segments include: Master and Control Segments: Creating a master record is critical for understanding the underlying growth and churn tactics, yet it's critical that when creating these master accounts, you create a series of control segments within your core audience [...]

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  • Automation to Journeys

From Automation to Journeys — 5 Key Tips

Most every digital marketing professional has basic automated email journeys in place, usually a welcome series. But the time has come for these email marketing automation programs to grow in maturity, to evolve from email automation to well-thought-out email journeys. Why? One reason: customer experience. Customer experience is the new competitive advantage We’re entering a new age, one in which customer experience will be the key competitive differentiator for those who send emails. And brands have some work to do to master the customer experience because they are falling short. According to an article at Forbes.com, almost all companies (89%) say they are competing based on customer experience. But are they really when 80% think they [...]

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