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  • Value Research in Email Marketing

Value Research & Email Marketing with Todd Lebo

Most marketers know the importance of value research, but many have never actually invested in it! You are missing out on some benefits and groundbreaking data, so watch this video and see why value research & email marketing are important for 2023. Email Never Sleeps Episode 1, Season 2 with Todd Lebo In this video Andrew Kordek and Todd Lebo show you why research is important in email marketing, and tips and hacks. This video should make you search email marketing trends or email marketing best practices. You may have seen a video from the channel HubSpot Marketing and LYFE Marketing, so I hope you find this video just as informative and that you learn [...]

  • Real Time Dynamic Data for Marketing Emails

Real Time Dynamic Data for Marketing Emails

Using dynamic data in marketing emails is a standard, at this point in 2022. Blog posts and articles are saturated with practices about it, and virtually everyone in the industry uses some type of personal dynamic information associated with their contacts to provide better communication and to improve the quality of the user experience. It’s a given and we at iPost, like so many others, have been using it for decades. That’s why today we want to take the discussion a step further: using real time dynamic data in your emails to fuel business growth and improve your email messaging. Image Source: makeameme.org What Real-Time Dynamic Data is (and what it isn’t) Dynamic data, sometimes also known [...]

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  • DMARC ISP What is it and why you should care

DMARC: what it is and why you need it now.

With the rise in email scams, it is more important than ever to be sure that your business's emails are authentic. DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance) is an email validation system designed to protect your organization's email domain from spoofing and phishing scams. It uses your existing email authentication protocols such as SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) to determine your email message's authenticity. It adds an essential piece of functionality of reports back to the domain owner, who can then decide who is sending email on their behalf. DMARC: what is it? The DMARC tool adds a level of certainty on whether an email is legit. In a nutshell, [...]

  • Silent Marketing Solution: Use Email Analytics to Best Engage Silent Subscribers

Silent Marketing Solution: Use Email Analytics to Best Engage Silent Subscribers

What are the best email analytics to help determine which subscribers are bringing you down? As digital consumers, we’ve all been through this scenario of disillusionment: You land at a website and you like what you see. You subscribe to the brand’s emails because you’re thinking this is the start of something. Then the emails start coming. They fail to offer what you’d anticipated. And they keep coming. And you wish they’d just stop. Next thing you know, you’ve gone from warm fuzzies about a brand to being a disillusioned silent subscriber who never opens another email. We know that’s a tiresome and oft-repeated scenario as consumers. But we need to address this common occurrence from [...]

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  • https://www.ipost.com/leverage-web-tracking-data/

How to Leverage Web Tracking Data for Informed Decisions

There’s no such thing as too much data in marketing and business, especially when it comes to web tracking data. As the saying goes, if you aren’t measuring, you aren’t improving. Informed decision-making is about getting out of your own head and putting yourself in the place of your potential customers. They want great products, excellent customer service, and competitive prices—and they want all three in equal measure. What is Web Tracking? Web tracking is a method of measuring user interaction with your website. A web tracker follows users as they browse your site, collecting data about their actions and recording it in log files. From there, an analyst can review those logs and identify trends [...]

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  • Restaurant Email Marketing - Restaurant Email Segmentation

Restaurant Email Marketing – Restaurant Email Segmentation

Email marketing for restaurants—it’s a numbers game. But they have to be the right numbers in the right sequence. Improving email ROI for your restaurant isn’t about simply upping customer email numbers, meaning getting more names on your email list so you can send more email campaigns and therefore drive more customers to your business. How do you improve the ROI of email marketing for restaurant owners? Start by increasing the restaurant email segmentation. Do this, by increasing the segments you send to, not the total number of emails on your list. Instead of increasing your list by 1,000 names per month, segmenting means increasing the number of segments you send to. Segment your email list [...]

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  • Segment Your Audience Based on Behavioral Data

Segment Your Audience Based on Behavioral Data

As an email marketer, you’re probably segmenting your audiences, but are you segmenting based on online behavioral data? If not, you are missing out on lost revenue. And you’re spending more money than you need to with your enterprise ESP. Behavioral segmentation can help you improve opens and click through open rates (CTORs) as well as enhance the overall customer journey and increase your inbox placement rate. It can lead to additional subscriber engagement and loyalty. Use your enterprise ESP to Capture Behavioral Data Points Behavioral data is data that tells you more. And when you identify which of your subscribers go beyond just opening and clicking, you can take the next step to send that [...]

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  • How an ESP with Relational Data Lets You Put All Your Customer Info to Use

How an ESP with Relational Data Lets You Put All Your Customer Info to Use

As you know, the amount of ESP data gathered now is staggering and grows at a rate that speeds up daily. For marketers, this stored data can be a goldmine…if they can put that data to use. Sadly, many can’t because they don’t use an ESP with relational data. That means precious information about their customers which uniquely identifies countless marketing opportunities sits unused and their email marketing falls short as a result. Data has made possible actual personalization, but making it possible and making it real are two different things. The evolution of Personalization Personalization used to mean using a recipient’s name in the email subject line or starting an email with Dear _______. Email [...]

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  • Big Data: New Analytics or New Decisioning

Big Data: New Analytics or New Decisioning

There is a lot of talk about big data technology these days: Data Management...How do you possibly store, manage and derive intelligence from the flood of transient data and sources, online, offline, and market-level data? Analyzing volumes of data and types of data can be daunting for those not proclaimed as high-level data scientists. Big data is a new way of exposing flaws in how marketers make campaign, program, brand, market, and financial decisions. We are a product of our own success. The industry has masked scale problems and hidden behind terms like “attribution” or “optimization.”  The challenge is, we have the same amount of resources we had last year, and while data science technology has [...]

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  • Managing Data: Making sense of features that help

Managing Data: Making sense of features that help

iPost wrote a Whitepaper  “Email Marketing Maturity Model:  From Bait Shop to Revolutionary” recently striving to help marketers think about the relative stages of maturity for an email marketer. One of the most important considerations when looking at your maturity is how you look at creating actionable segments and ultimately how you operate within those data sets. Below are a few not so often talked about segmentation types that can help your email marketing program: Active Segments include: Master and Control Segments: Creating a master record is critical for understanding the underlying growth and churn tactics, yet it's critical that when creating these master accounts, you create a series of control segments within your core audience [...]

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  • Automation to Journeys

From Automation to Journeys — 5 Key Tips

Most every digital marketing professional has basic automated email journeys in place, usually a welcome series. But the time has come for these email marketing automation programs to grow in maturity, to evolve from email automation to well-thought-out email journeys. Why? One reason: customer experience. Customer experience is the new competitive advantage We’re entering a new age, one in which customer experience will be the key competitive differentiator for those who send emails. And brands have some work to do to master the customer experience because they are falling short. According to an article at Forbes.com, almost all companies (89%) say they are competing based on customer experience. But are they really when 80% think they [...]

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  • How My Name Was Changed for Me—the Ethics of Data Collection in the Age of GDPR

How My Name Was Changed for Me—the Ethics of Data Collection in the Age of GDPR

This post was written by Per Caroe, Head of Sales and Business Development at iPost. For ethnic reasons, my family decided two names were perfectly fine for me and my sister when we were born. Three names? “Nah, we’re good. Also, can we find a short name that’s Danish and starts with a P?” When your parents are named Peter and Poula, this seems like a clever idea. “We’ll all be able to use the same initials on luggage,” my mother once quipped. (Note: There were never any monogrammed initials.) Fast forward many years to 1992. I started dating my now wife and we decided to go camping. We needed a tent and off to JC [...]

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